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How To Create Your Own Linktree With WordPress

03 August 2020 • Filed under Web design

What is for sure is that we’re now all very aware of the power of social media. But what is even more powerful is bringing users over to our platforms! Social media will always be the best way to be found by new people and build communities, but nothing beats the loyalty of your website’s consistent traffic or newsletter subscribers. This is why my biggest advice would be to use social media as a mean (and not as destination) to bring your people on your own platforms.

You’ll surely be familiar with Instagram’s “link in bio” and the Linktree services that allow you to create custom landing pages with your set of links. In fact, if you’re here, you might even be using one for your Instagram profile. What’s happening while you can’t see it, is that all the traffic you direct from your profile to your link in bio, is going to a website that is not yours.

As a result you’re…

  • Losing a good chunk of website traffic, that could increase your website’s SEO and reputation
  • Losing the chance to build brand awareness as soon as your followers leave your social profiles. And therefore, of course, not taking the chance to turn them into loyal fans of your brand!

But here’s some good news: you can easily and quickly set up your own Linktree page, fully customised to your brand, on your own website. Yes, you read it correctly!

It will be as easy to update if not even simpler, and you’ll be bringing traffic on your own website in the meanwhile, and winning potential clients from the get-go with your own branding and personality.

Here’s how to create your own Linktree page in WordPress (but you can apply the same principles in any other CMS or platform).

How to create your own Linktree page on your website with WordPress
Create a new page

As simple as that! Create a new blank page on your website, give it a simple title and an even simpler URL (Permalink). The URL should be short and easy to quickly type in your link in bio, and at the same time easy to track in your analytics. A couple of examples could be “/instagram” or “/links” or “/hello”. Give it your own spin if your brand’s personality allows you to!

Create link buttons

In order to create the classic linktree interface, you should insert some link buttons in your page.

In WordPress you could use Gutenberg blocks to quickly add buttons to your page, then customise them with your button’s texts and links. If your WordPress theme is decently recent, it will surely support Gutenberg blocks and maybe even have custom styles for them. This will ensure your website’s aesthetic is maintained in this page with minimum effort.

Gutenberg blocks add button, how to create you own Linktree page in WordPress

You could add as many buttons as you prefer, although I suggest you keep the list down to a maximum of 10 buttons to avoid making the page too long and difficult to browse through.

Customise your page

The best thing about creating your own Linktree page is that you’ve the ability to fully customise it in every details. Not only it will match the colors and styles of your brand, but you’ll be able to add  extra copy, information and call-to-actions to start building brand awareness from the get-go.

A few ideas could be:

  • Start with your Instagram profile photo (to create consistency) and a small welcome text.
  • Next will be your link buttons as very first thing
  • Insert a way to subscribe to your newsletter and stay in touch
  • Gather you most read blog posts as reading suggestions
  • Complete it with handy links to your website’s core pages to facilitate the navigation

All in all your purpose here is to keep your users on your website, let them discover more about what you can offer, and become familiar with your brand.

Hit publish!

And you’re done! Hit publish and update your Instagram bio’s link with the URL of your custom page.

You could now start tracking the traffic coming straight to your website from your Instagram profile, or even target this traffic in your next ad campaign. But the best outcome is surely the invaluable brand experience you bring your users through thanks to your website’s design and personality. This is what will stick in their minds and keep them coming back for more!

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How To Create Your Own Linktree With WordPress

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