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Website Audit

One thing is for sure: having a website in this internet era is highly fundamental, especially if you own a brand, a business or a project you wish to promote online. For this very reason you already tried your best to create your very own online space, maybe on your own with some technical difficulties, or maybe some time ago with the help of a professional.

But there’s one question that torments you daily: is my website really functioning?

Maybe you’re about to launch your website and you’re dealing with a gripping self-doubt that pushes you to postpone the launch again and again. Or maybe your website is already online but you have no idea how to measure its efficiency, you’re sure it could be and look better but you don’t know where to even start. For one reason or another this isn’t your time to invest in a custom web design, but you still want to make sure your website works towards you instead of against you, and daily supports your most brilliant business goals.

A website audit made for you exactly

Having a website, I agree, is very necessary nowadays. But making sure it’s functional, strategic and accessible for all your users is even more fundamental! And, you guessed it, I created a solution just for you.

I can help you analyse, examine, investigate your very own website and its components in terms of design, contents, user experience and functionality. I can offer you a fully customised consultancy studied on your brand or project exactly, to allow your web space to always be in line with your current goals while helping you sell or promote your best ideas with no more doubts or uncertainties.

I put my years-long expertise as a web designer to answer any existential doubt or unanswered questions disrupting your sleep. Together we can solve your website’s problems and identify issues only the eye of an expert can see. I’ll provide you with solutions, ideas, suggestions and tutorials that will feel practical, strategic and actionable in the very immediate to make your website a better place.

If what you are after is a website that makes you look professional and remarkable, then let’s pull the trigger on your very personal website next level, from my coffee table to yours!

The package includes

  • The study of your website and your brand’s goals: you’ll fill out a detailed questionnaire to help you reflect on your current goals, your ideal target and your brand.
  • The website analysis: I’ll ask you to give me access to your website and back-end to run a deep and fully customized website analysis (up to 5 web pages).
  • The creation and hand-off of your custom Website Audit PDF investigating on categories like design, contents, user experience and functionalities. A guide studied on you and your website, jam-packed with ideas and tutorials for you to take action in the very immediate.
  • A follow-up email one week after where I’ll be available to reply to any of your website-related additional questions or doubts.

How it works

  • This service is thought for creatives, bloggers and small business owners who already own an existing WordPress website and need a tailored consultancy to resolve doubts and issues or provide solutions and ideas. This service is not for you, then, if you don’t have a website or brand yet, but I might be able to help you with my branding and web design services instead.
  • We can work at your website audit in the almost-immediate: within 48 working hours from your purchase I’ll be in touch via email with your questionnaire and, within 10 working days from when I’ll receive your completed questionnaire, I’ll hand-off your final Website Audit PDF and will be available to reply any additional questions.
  • In the case of exceptional periods (like holidays periods or the moment of the launch of this service) there might be a little waiting queue based on the priority acquired. In these cases I’ll promptly let you know the exact day I’ll be able to start working at your Website Audit.

The reassurance you need

With this service you’ll get much more than just a PDF

  • The eye of an expert available to inspect your very own website and provide you with an in-depth analysis of the pros and cons, with ideas and suggestions to make your web space a better place
  • The immediate answer to any of your existential doubts and questions about your website that are tormenting you since a while
  • A custom PDF narrating the website analysis, rich in ideas and tutorials that will always feel easy and actionable in the right immediate
  • That invaluable feeling of finally having a functional and strategic website, purposely supporting your business goals wherever you’re at in your journey


Your truly custom website audit

Say enough to existential doubts and unanswered questions, technical or functional problems and intermittent user experiences. Join me at the coffee table and let’s make your website a real pleasure to browse through, I mean right here right now.

Use the button below to purchase the service in the very immediate, I’ll be in touch briefly with your questionnaire and more info to get started!

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