Terms & Conditions

The following selling conditions regulate the contractual relationship between Giada Correale (me, the Designer) located in Via Kennedy 16, 24040 Suisio (BG), Italy – CF: CRRGDI93P42E801G – VAT 09824700968 and the subject (you, the Client) who means to purchase the services offered by the website miecafedesign.com owned by the Designer.

By purchasing any of my services you’re accepting the following terms and conditions.


This website sells custom branding and web design services. By purchasing a service you declare you’ve took care of checking my portfolio and find my style coherent with the result you’re looking to achieve.

I book projects months in advance over payment of a non-refundable (see Refunds and cancellation section) deposit of at least 30% of the total price of the basic package (see Payments section).

Before the start of our work together I’ll send you a questionnaire and your package’s materials explaining how the process works more in details and which materials you should prepare in the meanwhile.

On the booked date we’ll start our work together via email or by using a project management tool called ClickUp that will allow us to manage the project and share attachments.


Translations received through this website are managed by Stripe after having agreed with the client on a custom quotation. I ask for a deposit equal, for totals calculated on the basic package over 350€, to 30% of the total (or not less than 175€), or, for totals calculated on the basic package under or equal to 350€, to the entire quotation in the moment of booking a slot with me; the payment of 35% of the basic package total + 50% of any addition extras after the approval of the branding proposal; the payment of 35% of the basic package total + 50% of any addition extras before the final project handoff or before the web design installation.

The delivery of all the final files will happen only upon completement of the last payment and after receiving the entire amount of the approved quotation.

Refunds and cancellation

Refunds can be requested only if the client project has yet to be started. Refund requests will be accepted only with adequate notice of at least 60 days before the Client’s booked date and only if the Client already paid more than 30% of a total that was not under 350€. The deposit quote (30% of the total or the entire total if less than/equal to 350€) used to book a slot won’t be refunded.


You can always consult my services prices in the related pages of this website.

Custom quotations will be valid for 30 days and at their expiration it will be necessary to reconsider the quotation and possibly update the prices of the selected services.


The timeframes of the services proposed can vary and are approximately calculated and exposed in the related service pages on this website.

The project, being run side by side with the Client, doesn’t have a definitive deadline. However the contractual relationship between the Designer and the Client will end after 6 months starting from the project booked date, unless otherwise agreed.

I ask you to always reply responsively during the entire process, until the final project handoff. The feedback I require will generally take you about 10 minutes of your time and, as a general rule, I ask you to always reply within 2-3 working days.

I will always try and meet the project deadlines calculated at the beginning of the process, always where possible and considering a creative work needs time and space. I’ll make my best to never delay any deadline for more than 2-3 days, or to promptly notificate you if any deadline needs to be shifted.

If the project get delayed because of lack of feedback on your end, the project itself might take second place behind other on-going client projects. Moreover, if the delay caused by the client passes 10 working days, I’ll ask for an additional 10% of the agreed total to resume the project. If the delay passes 20 working days, if not otherwise agreed, the project will have to be rescheduled based on my current availability and I’ll ask for an additional 15% of the agreed total to resume the project.

I’m not responsible for the tools you decide to use to manage the project (including email services or email clients), so it’s your responsability to always make sure you check your inbox and spam folder if you don’t hear from me within the pre-established deadlines.

Edits and revisions

By purchasing my services you agree with the number of revisions included in the services selected and pointed out in the related service pages on this website, where one revision stands for one round of revisions for the entire step of the process to which the revision is associated.

I’ll make my best to to comply with the preset number of revisions, by using a method studied on the particular client which involves him in the phases of brainstorming, mood board and drafts where the Client will always have the opportunity to ask for edits.

If you need a bigger number of revisions or more edits, I’ll be available to provide a separate estimate for them.

Materials the client should provide

Right after booking your project, I’ll immediately explain what materials you’re supposed to prepare with final deadline the same booked date. By purchasing one of my services, then, you agree to provide, at your own expenses, all the materials (photos, texts and client questionnaire completely filled in) necessary for me to provide the service, with latest deadline the same booked date for the project if not otherwise agreed beforehand.

If the project gets delayed of more than 15 working days because of lack of materials from the Client, I’ll ask for an additional 15% of the agreed quotation to resume the project.

Promotional use

All the projects (if not otherwise agreed) can be used within my online or offline portfolio for the promotion of my work and services.

Copyright and use of files

The artistic and digital materials made by the Designer for the client project are subject to copyright (Legge 22 aprile 1941 n.633) and are property of the Designer. With the payment of the entire total agreed, you’ll gain all the rights needed to use the final materials (not the working files) as follows.

  • You’ll have all the rights to freely use the received files in the same state as they were at the moment of their handoff, with no limitation, for personal or commercial use only linked to the business/brand which the agreed quotation is originally for.
  • You won’t be able to receive the working files, or edit and use the received files for commercial uses linked to businesses/brands which the agreed quotation is not originally for.
  • You won’t be allowed to sell or distribute the received files to any third party.


The Client agrees to only provide files, images and texts (or materials in general) that are not subject to third-party copyrights. The Client has complete responsability of the materials provided and removes the Designer from any legal actions related to them. Also the Client has the entire responsibility to check his country’s current web privacy law and any legal data to be added to the website. The Designer will not responde for the lack of said data.

The Designer agrees that all the materials used in the client project are his own and are not subject to third-party copyrights. The Designer has the entire responsibility for all the materials he provides and uses in the client project.