WordPress Setup





WordPress Setup

Hearing of CMS, databases, FTP, domains and web hosting gives you headache? CMS– what? Don’t worry, I created this add-on with you in mind exactly! I take care of all the steps composing the technical part of launching a website, so that you won’t need to districate between a bunch of terms you never heard of before or steps you’re afraid to do wrong.

N.B. This service is dedicated to clients purchasing one between my Full Branding & Web Design or Custom Blog Design services only.

The package includes

  • My suggestions and recommendations to choose the best web hosting and domain provider for your particular case. 
  • The setup of FTP and database and link of your custom domain to your web hosting service before the CMS (Content Management System) installation. 
  • All the in-between steps, if necessary: for example if you already own a domain and need to transfer it, or if you already own a hosting + domain package but need to update some settings. 
  • Complete WordPress (self-hosted) installation and handoff of your login details to access your new admin panel.
  • Creation of custom email addresses associated to your domain* 
  • Installation of SSL certificate* 
  • My Getting Started With WordPress guide on the basic functionalities of the most famous CMS. 

*If included in your hosting + domain package

How it works

  • This service is only available as add-on and is reserved for clients purchasing any between these custom packages: Full Branding & Web Design or Custom Blog Design. I won’t work at WordPress Setup services if you don’t have an on-going blog or web design project running or booked with me.
  • This service is not mandatory: maybe your website is already online, or you might be able to take care of all the steps necessary for a WordPress (self-hosted) installation without my help. 
  • The WordPress Setup process generally only requires a couple of hours (unless a domain transfer is necessary): I’ll send over all the information necessary via email during our project, usually right before the final web/blog design installation.
  • Costs of web hosting and domain will always be charged to the client and are not included in this package. I’ll take care of all the rest!


No more tech doubts

Buy the WordPress setup package ad add-on to your project of Full Branding & Web Design, Brand Identity Design, Custom Blog Design or Branded Stationery. If we already considered a custom quotation for your project, we’ve probably already taken into consideration adding this add-on, otherwise feel free to take a look at my packages and get in touch to chat about your idea!

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