The Font & Color Brief





The Font & Color Brief

A font system and a color palette are what I like to define the solid foundation of a consistent brand. The right colors and fonts allow you to communicate your values and spontaneously, almost subconsciously, touch the heart of your ideal client. Colors and fonts are the first elements in a brand board, but also essential tools to coordinate your platforms cohesively and strategically.

I see you. You’re just starting out with your small business. You keep struggling with making your Instagram feed consistent and coordinated. You understand your website is looking flat and anonymous but you’re not ready to invest into a custom web design…

I created Font & Color Brief with you in mind, exactly! Font & Color Brief is a custom consultancy service to provide you with solid branding foundation starting from your colors and fonts. Together we’ll study your brand, target and goals, to compose a brand mood board to help us express your message visually, and select a font system and color palette to fully represent your brand. You’ll receive a handy carnet narrating your fonts and color story, and explaining how, where and why to use them consciously.

The color palette was for sure my favourite part of the process! I now have a much clearer vision of my brand and what I really want it to be.

– Monique, TheWeirdosshop

The package includes

  • The study of your brand and its goals: you’ll fill out a detailed questionnaire to help you reflect on your vision, your ideal clientele and your brand’s goals.
  • The creation of a brand mood board: together we’ll gather ideas and inspiration to transform your abstract vision into concrete branding tools.
  • Your Font & Color Brief: a custom PDF narrating your color palette and your fonts system, with color codes (hex, CYMK, RGB and Pantone), fonts download links, color and styles psychology and detailed usage instructions to apply on all your platforms.

How it works

  • This consultancy service is thought to be performed completely online via email, so to best optimise the realisation timeframes and allow you to start coordinating your brand as soon as possible.
  • We can work at your Font & Color Brief in the almost-immediate: within 48 working hours from your purchase I’ll be in touch via email with your questionnaire and, within 10 working days from when I’ll receive your completed questionnaire, I’ll be back to show you your mood board.
  • In the case of exceptional periods (like holidays periods or the moment of the launch of this service) there might be a little waiting queue based on the priority acquired. In these cases I’ll promptly let you know the exact day I’ll be able to start working at your Font & Color Brief.
  • By purchasing Font & Color Brief you’ll also get a coupon code for a Full Branding & Web Design, Brand Identity & Logo Design or Custom Blog Design project to be used within 6 months to continue working together at your brand design.


Your brand foundation

Use the button below to purchase the service in the very immediate, I’ll be in touch briefly with your questionnaire and more info to get started!

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