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Full Branding & Web Design

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Service Full Brand Identity Design - Miel Café Design

You have this crazy but exciting idea of going freelance or you already own a business of your own, but don’t know where to start with finding focus, attracting your ideal clientele and getting your voice out there. You have this brilliant idea that simply needs to find a way to turn into reality, and you realise of the importance of an online and real-life focused presence. I’m here to help: let’s build a fresh new brand identity design and cover all the aspects of branding. This package is tailored for anyone wanting to bring their business to the next level, whether they’re just starting or need a refresh.

You put your amazing business idea in, and I’ll take care of all the rest, crafting a brand identity design, coding a complete and responsive website from scratch and providing branded marketing materials to spread the voice about your beautiful product. You’ll leave with a new focus, a clear guidance for your brand and a design your ideal clients won’t easily forget!

This Package Includes

Package Full Brand Identity Design - Miel Café Design

“Since the very first messages we understood each other, Giada knew how to take my requests and make them into reality, clearly explaining me, each time, the various steps of the creation of a custom design.”

- An in-depth questionnaire to help me understand the direction that’s ideal to take for your particular brand identity design and an inspiration board for the brand to pin down all the ideas and start brainstorming.

- The creation of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 logo design alternatives for you to pick from (2 revisions).

- The design of a complete brand board, that will include: your logo, submark and logo variations, a client-oriented color palette and fonts selection, illustrated elements, patterns/textures (2 revisions).

- The creation and coding of a fully responsive SEO-friendly web design (a blog and/or shop can be added) and custom layouts for the static pages (up to 5) of your website. (3 revisions)

- Branding of up to 3 custom marketing materials of your choice. A few examples can be: business cards, thank you cards, flyers, brochures, social media branding, newsletter templates, media kits, product packaging... (1 revision each)

- A Brand Strategy Book summing up your brand’s values: includes a brief, a moodboard, the colour psychology behind the palette, photography and content prompts, guidance for the use of the graphic elements created and for finding focus and coherency on all your platforms.

- Goodbye Package with all the files and images used in the process, guides especially written just for you and the access to my Client Goodbye Library.

- Extended client support for one month after launching for any design and website revisions needed.

How it works

  • Branding is very personal, so make sure you get in touch about your idea first. I’ll get back very quickly with a few prompts on how we can work together. I want to make sure we are the perfect client-designer match!
  • I purposely decided to take on a very limited amount of Full Branding & Web Design projects (1 per month) to make sure I can follow each of them with the right attention they deserve. So make sure you get in touch as soon as possible and, as a general rule, at least 3-4 months before you plan to get started. We’ll talk via email and I will let you know about the first date available for booking.
  • I ask for a 30% deposit calculated with the exclusion of extras to secure your slot. You can leave your deposit via the “Leave a deposit” button on this same page. Completing of payment, payment methods and payment by installments can be agreed.

  • The branding process usually takes 10-11 working weeks. This time frame can vary based on a huge amount of factors, but I like to take all the time needed. If you need to launch your brand on a specific date, we can arrange things accordingly to the deadline. But remember: everything will be handmade and customised just for you, and this sort of things take time!

  • Two weeks before the end of the project I will be able to exactly tell when the process will be finished and agree with you on a launching date. I like to celebrate my brands, I usually share the design process, behind-the-scenes and promote the launch on Miel Café Design’s blog the same launching week!
  • After launching, I’ll leave you enjoy your new brand, business and website. But you can get in touch as much as you like for the following one month for extended support about anything you have questions about. If I won’t hear from you, you’ll be sure to find one email in your inbox from me, asking how you’re getting on and if any website details need to be revisioned.
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Why do I need branding?

A brand is not simply an aesthetically pleasing logo: it’s about the feelings your entire business will evoke in your customers, the experience, the colours, the smell, the cohesivity, the values and principles. This is exactly why you need to invest into a brand identity design for your business, this is what will make your business emphatically great.

Is the price displayed on this page the exact amount I’ll pay?

The price displayed is for the package including the exact same products and services listed under “This package includes”. However the price can change based on your requests.

For example, if you need more than 8 static page designs for your website, or more than three marketing materials, or maybe one of the three marketing materials you pick is more consistent like a book or a magazine design, then the final price may vary.

Do you have any examples of your work?


I have plenty! You can check out my portfolio for examples by typology of service, or get in touch if you need more: I always have more project examples to show, as well as samples of my illustration and lettering favourite styles.

I have a very specific idea, will you be able to work on it?

I understand and would love to hear about it! I’m a creative and love having the freedom of proposing different ideas and inspiration for each project, but I’m excited to know what you’ve in mind and see if it’s something I can work on. Always expect designer tips and new ideas, though: I love providing my clients with all the options!

What’s a static page layout?

Static pages are all those pages with contents that don’t vary with time. Some examples usually are the “About” and “Contact” pages, or in a business website, all those pages that describe your products or services.

A static page layout is the visual disposition and aesthetic of a static page in a website. One layout can actually be used more than once: for example, if you wish to set up all your products/services pages the same way, the layout considered will be one even though it will be applied to more than one page.

The static page layouts included in the basic package are 5 to cover all the main necessities of a website. Usually: a landing page, an “About” page, a “Contact” page, a page where to explain your terms, conditions and privacy policy, and lastly one layout for products/services pages (this is only an example, you are free to ask any 5 layouts you’d like). But if you need more, it’s possible to add them separately to your package.

I’m a blogger, why and when should I prefer this package to your “Custom Blog Design” service?

I’m a strong believer that a blog is to be considered a proper brand too, especially if you’re working hard on it and want to get noticed and start sponsorships and collaborations.

I offer the Custom Blog Design service for bloggers on a budget: the package isn’t complete as my “Full Branding” but it’s a great starting point! But if you are serious about your blog and have started considering it as a proper brand, this is the package for you!

In particular this package will work for bloggers who: need the study of a full brand identity design, need marketing materials (like business cards, media kits, social media branding), are considering to start to monetize their blog in various ways and work with brands.