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Full Branding & Web Design

I see where you’re coming from. You have a brilliant business idea you just want to see coming to life, but you are spending all your time extricating yourself through the options of working with different designers, all taking care of different aspects of branding you didn’t even thought it existed a name for. Brand strategy, visual elements, web design, user experience…

You’re cultivating a dream you’d like to see blooming someday soon and all you need is a brand identity that speaks of your values, selects the right clients for you, helps you sell your products and services, and simply tells your unique story.

And let’s be honest, as any small business just starting out you also have a small budget. And very little time! The things to think about are so many: logo, business cards, website, newsletter, blog! You need someone who can guide you through your next design choices and provide the tools to keep choosing correctly in the future too.
And then you need a website, of course! Because everyone has one nowadays, but your competitors have web designs that all look the same, impersonal and not focused. You want to get noticed, see your small business shine between the rest and have the potential of a fully coordinated brand and web design at your service!

One designer, infinite coherency

What if I told you I can handle it all (or almost) for you?

I’m a brand designer but coding is my second biggest passion. I merge the study of your brand and your ideal clientele, the psychology behind the creation of a brand design, with the infinite possibilities it can be put into action.

I help you save time and money, reducing the need to approach different design professionals, but especially guiding you through the creation of an efficient brilliant brand, always coordinated and speaking with your own tone of voice.

I code your website from scratch, staying true to your brand’s values, enriching it with your own personality. I say no to premade templates. I always start from a blank page and structure your website based on the contents, so that no texts or images will ever feel forced in a prepacked space again. I hand over a website that talks about you exactly, about your passion and values, that functions as a real magnet to your ideal clients and never ever feels and looks the same as any other.

I communicate your message authentically and provide the tools to keep doing it day after day, even when you won’t have a designer on your side any longer.

The package includes

  • A quick discovery questionnaire to define your website’s goals and provide you with some options for your site tree to help you with the creation of the materials needed for your web pages.
  • The study of your brand and your ideal clientele: you’ll fill out a detailed questionnaire to help you reflect on your ideal clientele and your brand’s goals; from there, I’ll create an inspiration board to provide you with a branding proposal (1 Revision)
  • The creation of a brand board: based on my proposal and your revisions, we’ll go through drafts and examples until we’ll have a final vector logo design, professional and communicative. We’ll create then a complete brand board (a proper board made of all the graphic elements that compose your branding) that will include: brand icon, main logo design, submarks and secondary logos, color palette, brand’s fonts, illustrated elements, coordinated patterns/textures (2 Revisions)
  • The design of a WordPress website: with your brand board in hand and you brand’s goals in mind, I’ll firstly create some static previews of all your website pages* (2 Revisions) and immediately after I’ll take care of its coding on a demo site, making sure the web design is completely responsive and mobile-friendly (1 Revision)
  • The web design installation: you won’t need to worry about a single thing, I’ll take care of the complete final installation and your website will only need to stay offline for a few hours in the meanwhile. I’ll hand over the new web design together with a customised guide written for you exactly, that explains how to manage your new design and website on your own in the future.
  • The design of 3 coordinated marketing materials of your choice, for a coherent brand… anywhere. A few examples can be: business cards, thank you cards, flyers, brochures, social media branding, newsletter templates, media kit, product packaging… (1 Revision per material)
  • A printable Brand Guidelines Book: a proper brand book summing up its design, mood, color psychology, fonts and guides on how to use the graphic elements in your brand board.
  • Your Goodbye Package including all your branding files in different formats and sizes, the website backup files, your custom guides and the marketing materials final files. But also extended support for one extra month after the web design installation, for any kind of revisions, help or tweaks to the website you might need.

*Up to 5 static page layouts included

What’s a static page layout?

A static page is a website page that, contrary to dynamic pages, doesn’t update automatically. The most usual static pages in a website are the “About” and “Contact” pages.

A static page layout is the graphic disposition of its contents (texts and images). One layout can be used on more than one page with contents that have a similar structure: a nice example are services pages which generally have the same layout but different contents. They’d use one single static page layout.

This package includes up to 5 static page layouts we can use on even more than 5 static pages if doable and coherent.

Extra layouts can be added separately if necessary, as well as layouts for dynamic pages (blog, portfolio, shop). In this case, simply get in touch for a custom quotation!

Working with Giada was pure joy. I couldn’t be happier with my website and branding. Her organization, clarity, and easy-going approach made the process fun, exciting, and EASY.

– Christie Bayley

Not just a design

With this service you’ll get much more

  • A coordinated brand identity, focused and professional, that will work as a magnet to your ideal clientele
  • The self-esteem only a good branding, studied in the smaller details and always focused, can infuse to your business
  • Tools and materials to keep the branding work alive in the future, on whatever platform, and continue communicating your brand values efficiently
  • A web and brand design helping you skim the right clientele truly interested in what you have to offer, increasing the ideal clients and reducing more and more the wrong ones
  • The loyalty-program-effect on your clients that will start recognizing your brand and become affectionate fans of it

How it works

  • The structure of this package might sound exactly what you were after, but remember each designer has his own style and each brand and project needs its right professional. Make sure to check out my portfolio first and consider my aesthetic.
    Need help understanding whether I’m your right designer or not? Feel free to drop me an email, talking about your idea, showing examples and inspiration. I’ll quickly get back to you to chat a bit more and make sure we have the right requirements to work together: as much as I’d like to help you, I want to make sure I’m the right professional to represent your brand in a first place!
  • To make sure I’m able to dedicate the right time and focus to each project, I decided to dedicate to this package a very limited and exclusive number of slots each year. This means I usually book slots with great anticipation. I suggest you get in touch at least 3-4 months before you’d like to start working together.
  • I’ll send over a custom quotation via email, and, if you’ll decide you are ready to book the work, I’ll update you on the first slots available.
  • To reserve a slot I ask for a 30% deposit. Completing of payment can happen in two more instalments and payment methods can be agreed.
  • The design process for this service usually takes 10-11 working weeks. This is a completely customised service so keep in mind timeframes can vary from project to project. Remember: you’re buying a handmade product tailored to you and this kind of services takes time – but after all, that’s the beauty of it, right?
  • About two weeks before the end of the project I’ll be able to estimate an exact launch date for your brand and website. I like to celebrate my client’s launches in style, sharing them on my platforms!
  • After the launch I’ll leave you enjoy your new brand and website. But you can contact me whenever you like during the one-month extended support period, and ask me about any doubts or questions you might have. 


One designer, one simple price

This package is thought for offering a complete branding and web design experience, ideally for small businesses with a small budget. This is why no simplified versions are available, but the package has a blocked price allowing you to get a discounted final quote for all its components.

Need more? An e-commerce maybe? A blog? My WordPress Setup service? Or maybe more coordinated marketing materials? Feel free to get in touch for a customised quotation adapted to your particular case!

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