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Custom Blog Design

Investment: 280€ +


Service Custom Blog Graphic Design - Miel Café Design

Whether you’re a new or established blogger, I’m sure you’ve easily realized how important giving the right first impression can be with blogging. I help bloggers of any type, who can’t find what they’re looking for in a premade design, at providing their blogs with that distinctive touch of personality readers will find hard to forget!

My bloggers are passionate, spontaneous, excited about the opportunities, interested, positive and inspirational. But most of all they’re looking for a blog graphic design that can reflect their personality and make their awesome content shine.

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This package includes

Package Custom Blog Graphic Design - Miel Café Design

“I really have to say I loved working with Miel Café Design. The result is just what I was expecting, the communication was always nice and professional and Giada worked very quick though still with love!”

- An in-depth questionnaire to help me understand the direction that’s ideal to take for your particular blog.

- An inspiration board for the project involving a distinctive color palette and fonts selection. (1 revision)

- The creation of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 logo design alternatives for you to pick from. (2 revisions)

- Revision of your blog site and study of a content-organizing strategy that can simplify the navigation and make readers happier.

- The creation of a fully responsive blog graphic design on WordPress and custom layouts for up to 2 static pages. (2 revisions)

- Installation of the design and set up of all its features on your blog at the end of the process.

- Goodbye Package with all the files and images used in the process, guides especially written just for you and the access to our Client Goodbye Library.

What you can add

The following services can be purchased separately and are not included in the basic package

  • Additional custom static pages layouts: the basic package includes 2 static page designs that are usually the standard amount a blog uses. Extra page layouts (including a custom landing page) can be added at the price of 50€ each.
  • Custom illustrated elements: while the basic package does include a custom logo design, it won’t involved the creation of custom hand-drawn elements made just for your project.

    This extra package will require an addition of 70€ and can include one or all between: custom hand-drawn or hand-paint digital illustrations, calligraphy or lettering, icon set. You’ll be left with a maximum of 4 vector elements to use in your logo and/or blog design.

How it works

  • Make sure you get in touch about your brief and idea first. I’ll get back very quickly with a few prompts on how we can work together. I want to make sure we are the perfect client-designer match!
  • I take on a limited amount of projects per month, so make sure you get in touch as soon as possible and, as a general rule, at least 2-3 months before you plan to get started. We’ll talk via email and I will let you know about the first date available for booking.
  • I generally ask for the payment of the entire amount to secure your date. You can secure your slot by purchasing the service via the “Buy Now” button on this same page or following the instructions I'll send over via email.
  • The design process for a blog graphic design usually takes us 6-7 working weeks. This time frame can vary based on a huge amount of factors, but I usually like to take all the time needed. If you need to launch your new blog on a specific date, we can arrange things accordingly to the deadline. But remember: everything will be handmade and customised just for you, and this sort of things takes time!
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Ready to get started?

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Do you have any examples of your work?

I have plenty! You can check out my portfolio for examples by typology of service, or get in touch if you need more: I always have more project examples to show, as well as samples of my illustration and lettering favourite styles.

What’s a static page layout?

Static pages are all those pages with contents that don’t vary with time. Some examples usually are the “About” and “Contact” pages, or in a business website, all those pages that describe your products or services.

A static page layout is the visual disposition and aesthetic of a static page in a website. One layout can actually be used more than once: for example, if you wish to set up all your products/services pages the same way, the layout considered will be one even though it will be applied to more than one page.

The static page layouts included in the basic package are 3 to cover all the main necessities of a blog. Usually: an “About” page, a “Contact” page, and one extra page (this is only an example, you are free to ask any 3 layouts you’d like). But if you need more, it’s possible to add them separately to your package.

Will you code the theme/template directly on my blog?

Absolutely not! I’ll firstly send over a visual preview in PDF format to decide together about the design of your blog graphic design, then I’ll code the theme/template on a sample blog, showing you the results a couple of times until you’ll be happy with the result!

How long my blog will stay offline during the installation?

Installation of a blog graphic design usually takes a maximum of one hour, but most times even less! I’ll ask for all the details I need before getting started, so that you blog will stay offline as little time as possible!