Branded Stationery





Branded Stationery

We’ve worked at a branding project (no matter if small or big) together in the past, we already studied your brand’s goals and ideal clientele, but for whatever reason you need that little extra something!

Maybe you have a physical shop and sell products of those you can properly touch: you imagine the experience of your ideal customer receiving a package from you, after ordering your products online, and unpacking his order from a box studied in every details, where each card, label, sticker are perfectly coordinated and correspond to his (and your) idea of beauty.

Or maybe you sell services and hand off contracts, quotations, invoices and any kind of documents daily. You want your client to see you as a real professional, making sure each document, file ad platform he’s meeting you through while working together look fully coordinated and coherent to your branding.

Maybe you even tried DIY when it came to creating your business card, but you realise you’ve invested into a brand identity and you wish everything surrounding it looks perfectly on track. Because no, you really can’t afford doubting that the design, colors or fonts are not in the right place! You need an expert eye to make your brand experience truly memorable. 

Let me help you be remembered

I already told you in the past a brand is not just a beautiful logo, but it’s the full mix of feelings and emotions you’re able to provide your client with. And while the biggest part of the work is done by your true essence, a focused, fully coordinated branded stationery can undoubtedly help!

I already know your brand’s story, how it’s born and why, your values and goals. I know your ideal clients and can help you create a stationery set speaking to them exactly! And no, I’m not only talking printed materials, but let’s go beyond that and cover any documents, freebies, and any kind of materials you show and hand off to clients daily, whether they’re physical or digital!

And if you’re going to object that paper is now outdated: get prepared to be proved wrong! There’s really nothing more efficient than a good-old business card you can actually hold in your hands, or store in your purse or pocket just to remember of its existence when you really need it or to start a healthy referral chain.


Stationery Starter Kit

For anyone who’s just started out but don’t want to do without a completely coordinated and versatile stationery kit, one that can help making your idea properly shine!

The package includes:

  • Custom business card (back and front)
  • Thank you card
  • Letterhead (for notepads and documents)
  • Social media branding (up to 3 designs of your choice, can be editable)
  • One extra marketing piece of choice between: flyer, 2-pages brochure, single product packaging, postcard or invitation. 

With her creativity, she guided me through every step of the process, helping me choose every colour and detail, and the result is incredibly stunning.

– Lisa Meschi

À la carte

And you know what? You can even fully customise the composition of your Stationery Starter Kit, if you wish, interchanging the designs included with what you really need. Or, if you only need a single design or something a little different, you can refer to the price table below! Remember: each project will be considered as unique and prices can slightly vary based on different factors, like the number of pages involved or the time necessary to create the design requested.

Custom business card (with front variations included), Cards, Invitations


Flyers (back & front), product packaging, 2-pages brochure


Brochures, eBooks, Magazines, Books (price per page, but a custom quotation will be necessary)


How it works

  • To guarantee the best result in terms of coherency and authenticity, all my Branded Stationery services are only available to clients who’ve worked with me in the past at any of these packages: Full Branding & Web Design, Custom Blog Design or Brand Identity & Logo Design.
  • We can incorporate the stationery design work in any booked or on-going branding projects, but, if we already worked together in the past, we can even create new designs in any other moments. In this last case, remember to get in touch at least 1-2 months before you’d like to get started. 
  • I’ll send over a custom quotation via email, and, if you’ll decide you are ready to book the work, I’ll update you on the first slots available.
  • This service doesn’t include printing: I’ll be able to suggest my favourite online printing services and provide you with a discount code if possible. Or you’ll be free to pick any service or local typographer you prefer: I’ll work with the sizes and formats suggested by the printer you end up choosing.

Not just paper

The value you get from a well-studied stationery kit goes way beyond

  • The awareness of owning a unique, personal and fully branded stationery set, constantly adding value to your brand and reflecting your professionalism and attention to details
  • The “wow” factor you’ll notice in the eyes of potential clients each time you’ll hand off your beautiful business card, or you’ll read in the feedback of your trusty clients for the extreme care of the smallest details 
  • Physical and digital materials that will present yourself as a true professional, with a focused branding appearing on each platform, channel and document you decide to use
  • The self-esteem that only a fully coordinate brand, curated in the smallest details, can give you, so that you’ll never question whether that improvised DIY business card is doing what you hope or the complete opposite anymore! 

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