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Branded Stationery

Investment: 60-260€


Service Business Stationery Design - Miel Café Design

If you’ve worked with me in the past and we’ve built a brand identity together, this is the perfect place where to start growing your brand idea and building a professional look for your branded stationery. A brand is not just a logo, it’s a consistent mixture of feelings your clients will be excited to explore: let’s build a real life presence for your business.

I make custom designs for business cards, thank you cards, flyers, brochures, books, magazines, product packagings (and more) and business stationery design in general, that are functional and beautiful. From now on, you’ll feel proud and excited each time you’ll hand over those business cards of yours!

How it works

  • I only work with clients I’ve built a brand identity for in the past. This because I strongly believe in the coherency of branding, and that a designer needs to know the full story to build something completely on focus. This means any client who has purchased one between the following services: Brand Identity Design, Full Branding, Custom Blog Design.
  • I create the designs, I do not offer printing services: I’ll suggest a couple of my favourite services for printing your business stationery design and offer exclusive discount codes where possible. You’ll be free to pick a different service or typographer if you have different needs: I’ll work on the sizes and formats suggested by the printer you’ve chosen.

Starter Stationery Kit - 260€

This starter kit is thought for anyone starting or rebranding a business and wanting a cohesivity factor in their new stationery set: this package includes all the essential business stationery pieces a brand needs on a daily basic, at a discounted price.

Package Business Stationery Design - Miel Café Design

“I really have to say I loved working with Miel Café Design. The result is just what I was expecting, the communication was always nice and professional and Giada worked very quick though still with love!”

- Business Card Design (back & front)
- Thank you card
- Letterhead (for notepads or documents)
- Social Media Branding (up to 3 social media handles)
- One (1) extra marketing piece of choice between: flyer, 2-pages brochure, single product packaging, postcard or invitation.

260,00Add to basket

If you need single items instead, please refer to the price chart below as initial reference.

The following price chart can be used as an initial reference for single items, but please be aware that each project should be considered as unique and prices can vary slightly based on a number of factors, like the number of pages involved and the time required.

Business Card (Back & Front with variations), Thank You Card, Invitation, Postcard
Flyer, Single Product Packaging, 2-pages brochure
Brochure, eBook, Magazine, Book (cost per page but please get in touch for a custom quote)
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