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Brand Identity Design

Investment: 150€


Service Custom Logo Design - Miel Café Design

I partner with bloggers and creatives who are committed to building a visual brand identity that people won’t forget. I’d love to help you figure out how to make your own blog, website or business pop and shine between a sea of others, by providing a brand and custom logo design that reflects your style and personality first!

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This package includes

Package Custom Logo Design - Miel Café Design

“Giada was friendly and accommodating, showing patience and professionalism at every turn. She was fantastic about getting back to me about all my requests and I am so, so delighted with the design she came up with...”

- An in-depth questionnaire to help me understand the direction that’s ideal to take for your particular brand.

- An inspiration board for the brand involving a distinctive color palette and fonts selection. (1 revision)

- The study of the brand identity and the addition, if considered necessary and accorded with the client, of hand-illustrated or digital design elements for the logo (included n.1 illustrated elements, but more can be added separately)

- The creation of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 custom logo design alternatives for you to pick from, and the design of a submark for your brand. (3 revisions)

You’ll be left with: the logo and submark files in the formats and sizes you prefer, a vector version of the file (for future print & web projects), the fonts names and your new brand’s color palette.

The process usually takes 1-2 working weeks and I have a separated, usually smaller, queue for this service. It means that we could start almost immediately!

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1.I’m a blogger and need a new logo/header for my blog. Is this service for me?

Yes, of course! A blog (or any online presence) is a bit like a brand, especially if you work hard on it and hope to get noticed and work with brands!

This service is thought for people just like you too: at the end of the process you’ll be able to ask for the logo file in the dimensions you need for it to fit in your blog’s header, and with it you’ll also receive a valuable brand identity that will help you get noticed online!

What a “submark” actually is and why I need it?

A submark is a smaller and more versatile version of your main logo. It’s a logo that can fit in the biggest amount of products typology with ease, always referencing back to your main logo and brand identity. It makes your brand cohesive and versatile!

It can come useful in a lot of different occasions, for example: to add interest in your website or blog in pages or sections different than the main header, to create graphics or banners for your social media handles, in branded stationery or in your very own business card if the main logo doesn’t fit right, but also, if you like, in your products packaging or on your staff’s uniforms!

Does this package include the design for a business card?

No, this package only includes everything that's listed under "This package includes" on this same page. But if we'll work on a logo design together, I'll be happy to offer my business stationery services!