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Brand Identity & Logo Design

You have a project, an idea. A blog maybe, or network, local shop, a fresh new brand, or simply a dream to tuck into. You’re thinking big, because great ideas need big goals. And then there’s your bank account reminding you your budget is anything but big: maybe what you need is starting from the bases, leaving space for growth, building the dream brick by brick

You’ve read about everywhere of the importance of a well-designed logo that represents and supports your brand. Maybe you have tried DIY already, just to realise it actually didn’t work out that well. You need a brand identity that screams your story, your project and your values. That resonates with the right audience, shows your talent and frees you from the doubt that maybe that color or that font aren’t really appropriate to represent you.

You need to be present on different platforms and you’d like to start off on the right foot with a coherent aesthetic and message. Basically, what you need are solid branding bases and a logo design you can blindly trust.

Solid foundations, brick by brick

Building a brand identity is one of the most exciting steps of the process, and yet it can be also extremely confusing and intense. I can help!

I provide you with not just a logo, but a proper brand identity supporting you while you dip your toes into growing your brand, working as a magnet to your ideal clientele and telling your story authentically and personally.

I work with you at studying your goals and audience, packing up a focused brand design rich in concepts and messages, making your logo (and everything around it) truly memorable.

The package includes

  • The study of your brand and your ideal clientele: you’ll fill out a detailed questionnaire to help you resonate with your ideal clientele and your brand’s goals; from there, I’ll create an inspiration board to provide you with a branding proposal (1 Revision)
  • The creation of the logo design: based on my proposal and your revisions, we’ll go through drafts and examples until we’ll have a final vector logo design (2 Revisions) including, if coherent, the presence of a brand icon (an illustrated icon or monogram, rich in concepts and unique to the brand). You’ll receive a complete brand proposal presentation illustrating the concept and stylistic choices that best fit your niche and brand.
  • The design of a brand board: we’ll break down the logo to create secondary variations to fit all spaces, uses and platforms and make the brand versatile and always coherent. I’ll hand off your complete brand board (a proper board made of all the graphic elements that compose your branding) including: color palette, fonts selection, main logo, brand icon, submark and logo variations (1 Revision).
  • A printable Brand Guidelines Book: a proper brand book summing up its design, mood, color psychology, fonts and guides on how to use the graphic elements in your brand board.
  • Bonus: the design of 3 coordinated marketing materials of your choice. A few examples can be: business cards, thank you cards, flyers, brochures, social media branding, newsletter templates, media kit, product packaging… (1 Revision per material)

Giada was immediately able to understand what I was looking for and how I had imagined my brand. In a short period of time, she created from scratch a logo that represents me in every aspect and it is even better than what I expected.

– Lisa Meschi

Not just a logo

With this service you’ll get much more

  • A coordinated, focused and professional brand identity telling your authentic story and making it memorable and recognizable
  • The awareness to own a brand design that supports your projects and help you reach your goals by attracting your ideal clientele exactly
  • Solid branding bases to help you take conscious decisions and coordinate all your platforms to share your real message
  • More than a simple logo, but a fully coordinated, rich and versatile brand identity, fitting in all eveniences and never boring

How it works

  • The structure of this package might sound exactly what you were after, but remember each designer has his own style and each brand and project needs its right professional. Make sure to check out my portfolio first and consider my aesthetic.
    Need help understanding whether I’m your right designer or not? Feel free to drop me an email, talking about your idea, showing examples and inspiration. I’ll quickly get back to you to chat a bit more and make sure we have the right requirements to work together: as much as I’d like to help you, I want to make sure I’m the right professional to represent your brand in a first place!
  • We can work together sooner than you imagine! Usually I suggest getting in touch at least 2-3 months before the date you’d like to get started.
  • I’ll send over a custom quotation via email, and, if you’ll decide you are ready to book the work, I’ll update you on the first slots available.
  • The design process for this service usually takes 2-3 working weeks. This is a completely customised service so keep in mind timeframes can vary from project to project. Remember: you’re buying a handmade product tailored to you and this kind of services takes time – but after all, that’s the beauty of it, right?


For great ideas with smaller budgets

This package is thought for small businesses and creatives dreaming big but with a tiny budget. This is why, in its basic version, it doesn’t include any additional custom designs or materials, but this doesn’t mean we can’t work at them together! Take a look at my branded stationery services, or get in touch for a custom quotation including all the puzzle pieces needed to take your idea to the next level!

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