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  • Serena Giust

  • The brand

    Serena is a UX Writer who, when we started working together, had decided to introduce her profession to the Italian audience with her book “UX Writing. Micro testi, macro impatto”. She also wanted her personal brand to finally have a proper identity to get found by future readers before and after the book launch, and have a space online for her work.

    Being hers an individual personal brand, I felt the need to get inspired by her and her profession in particular during the creation of the logo concept. The brand icon actually represents a curl (one of Serena’s distinctive traits) but also a scribble, symbol of the act of writing or of a creative process.

    I enriched the branding with illustrated icons in a handmade but modern style, and it was at that point that Serena asked me to illustrate the cover of her book! I couldn’t say no, and so represented her profession in one illustration expressing how even the smallest texts on the web can provoke emotions.

    Lastly I curated her website and marketing materials with the help of Daniela Katia Lefosse photography, putting together all the elements of this branding and enriching each item with Serena’s personality.

    The vision

    Miel Café Design Portfolio: Minimal sage mood board for Serena Giust UX Writer

    The brand board

    Miel Café Design Portfolio: minimal sleek Brand board for Serena Giust UX Writer

    Oggi raccontarsi online e con delle belle immagini è sempre più importante. Grazie all’aiuto di Giada e Daniela finalmente posso farlo anch’io! Sono molto contenta del mio nuovo sito e dei materiali promozionali creati insieme: è venuto tutto come lo sognavo!

    – Margherita, Daisy Studio

    The website

    Miel Café Design Portfolio: Minimal and essential Web design for UX Writer Serena Giust

    Photo credits: Daniela Katia Lefosse

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