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  • SEMI

  • The brand

    Serena and Eleonore’s brand is much more than a yoga studio. Their project is based on their love for art, children literature, the creative process and obviously yoga. The name, SEMI (Italian for “Seeds”), was born from the idea of a multipotentialite garden where ideas, lectures, projects, labs, classes and meetings are the garden’s seeds.

    To represent their entire world, I designed a handmade logo that, including seeds, flowers and plans in children hands, instantly and visually explains their concept. I completed the branding with botanical illustrations, of seeds of course, a natural but alive color palette, and details that reinforce the concept such as the distressed paper tape and stamp sumbark.

    I developed the website with the idea of leaving space for their stories to breathe and bring the users into their garden. For a completely coherent effect, we also integrated coordinated materials like a custom newsletter template and editable documents, so that the branding experience always looks complete and professional.

    The vision

    Miel Café Design Portfolio: Botanical mustard magenta Mood board for SEMI Yoga, Arte, Storie
    Miel Café Design Portfolio: Botanical Illustrations for SEMI Yoga, Arte, Storie

    The brand board

    Miel Café Design Portfolio: botanical brand board for SEMI Yoga, Arte, Storie

    The website

    Miel Café Design Portfolio: Botanical Web design for SEMI Yoga, Arte, Storie

    Photo credits: SEMI

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