• Miscel Ma Bel

  • The brand

    Miscel Ma Bel is a handmade tea brand selling tea and infusion products, but also workshops and small tea events. The target includes anyone who loves tea, handmade and vintage, attentive to detail and mindful of where and what they buy.

    To represent the brand I created a warm red and teal color palette based on the natural shades of tea and spices. The brand icon represents a record player where the record is actually the saucer of a porcelain tea cup. The concept is inspired by the brand’s name, linked to the idea of musicality and to famous Beatles Michelle song, merging together the themes of vintage, listening, and tea in one single icon. And then linen textures, botanical patterns, handmade lines and custom product packaging!

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    The vision

    Mood board for handmade tea brand Miscel Ma Bel: red and teal, spices, tea, warm, welcoming, cosy, linen texture, botanical, natural - Miel Café Design

    The brand board

    Brand board for handmade tea brand Miscel Ma Bel: red teal warm palette, record player tea cup logo, botanical pattern, linen texture, handlettering - Miel Café Design
    Custom product packaging tea labels Miscel Ma Bel - Miel Café Design

    The website

    Custom web design and ecommerce for handmade tea brand Miscel Ma Bel - Miel Café Design

    Photography by Giui

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