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Daniela runs an Italian food, life and travel blog. Recently, what was a completely food-themed blog once, started looking a bit constricting to her; she started writing also about life, travel, beauty and style and since then she felt the need to highlight her new blog's features with a design that felt more intuitive and made navigating between the main categories way easier, with the project of turning it into a proper online magazine in mind. This design has a fun palette and joyful features, an hand-drawn feel and an easy and intuitive layout!

I've loved working with the Miel Café Design team since the very beginning, especially with Giada who followed the project for my new blog design with professionality, enthusiasm and a lot of patience (yes, because me and technology aren't really on the same page). Since the very first messages we understood each other, Giada knew how to take my requests and make them into reality, clearly explaining me, each time, the various steps of the creation of a custom design. In little more than one month they revolutionized my blog and put it online, I'm very much pleased with the result, and the positive comments of the viewers visiting Love.Life.Lunch. are currently confirming I couldn't have made a better choice!