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La Stanza Blu

When I met Daniela for the first time, I had no idea of how easy and natural I would find designing her brand. The only thought of having the responsibility of creating a brand for a psychologist, such a delicate profession, was a little scary - I'll be honest! But even during our first chat the ideas started to taking place in my head.

This was a project that required me to be present in the care of details, with delicacy and intensity. How do you translate a brand that offers such sensible services? With hand-drawn illustrations full of hidden meanings, a soft, kind and deep palette, abstract patterns, a simple yet intuitive website and stationery pieces that are rich but airy.


Dear Giada, I'd like to thank you for the softness and care you followed the creation of my brand and website, and for the extreme attention to details you never lacked of. Working with such a serious, prepared, kind and intuitive designer has been a real gift!

Branded photography by Giui