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La Matita Bianca

La Matita Bianca is an Italian interior blog run by professional space designer Maria Chiara. When she got in touch about looking to redesign her blog, she asked for something fresh, that well represented her concept of shapes and light. I designed a clean and essential illustrated logo for her, something that looked new and professional at the same time. We also worked together at a very airy and spacious blog design, and a coordinated set of branded business cards!

Working with Miel Café Design has been an absolute treat and such a posivite experience. Giada's help has been so meaningful: she had a strong collaborative spirit, a previous ability to listen my needs and a rare sensibility in aesthetic and understanding my necessities. The final result truly represents what La Matita Bianca is, in its values and style. Giada was fantastic at interpreting my wishes, I hope to work with her again in the future! Thank you Miel Café Design!

La Matita Bianca Custom Blog Design + Branded Stationery