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Meet The Graphic Designer

Hello, I’m Giada, the graphic designer behind Miel Café Design’s studio!

Giada Correale, web and graphic designer of Miel Café Design studio

I’m passionate about web design since I was 14, but with having a blog and an online presence, it’s only in the last couple of years that I realized how important and functional that visual aesthetic I so much learned to love was to grow your online presence if used right.

After testing the waters for the latest 3 years, I’m now a full-time self-taught brand, web and stationery, and more generally, graphic designer and I’m extremely excited to say Miel Café Design is now my everyday job! I code on Blogger/Blogspot and WordPress since almost four years and have a passion for illustrations, patterns, beautiful branding, colours and fonts.

Giada Correale, web and graphic designer of Miel Café Design studio

I work at every project with the same love and passion I’d work at my own brand. My mission as a graphic designer is to help fellow creatives, business owners and bloggers to build trust, personality, focus and empathy online with brands that fully reflect their persona and goal. My aim is to style brands with intent, make the internet functional and beautiful and provide designs that will empower brands and help them grow, directing a more purposed clientship or audience straight at your doorstep.

Giada Correale, web and graphic designer of Miel Café Design studio

My process

My process as a brand, web and graphic designer really focuses on cooperating with the client, involving him in any steps of the design work, with the main aim of providing something the client can be completely happy with in the end. I’ll follow you in every step, I’ll explain how it works and what should be avoided in your case, both aesthetically and functionally. We’ll work together at understanding your niche and clientship, and I’ll always propose fresh ideas that can work at attracting your ideal audience first.

Working with Giada was like working with a close friend that helps you, follows you in every step of the creation of a website and brand identity, always achieving in understanding what’s your idea and what works for your particular case. Highly recommended!

Margherita Dalle Ceste, Daisy Studio

All my services start with a questionnaire to better understand your idea, to study your project and write down a brief that will be used as reference during the entire process.

I always try and interpret your vision, editing wherever possible! To me what really matters is that you’re 100% happy with the end result.

I offer extended support both before, during and after the work. All my clients are left with a custom Goodbye Package with files, images and illustrated guides created just for him.

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