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    What makes a great logo

    Branding for small businesses: what makes a great logo that functions as magnet for your ideal clients

    There are many designers out there and each of them has his own, personal creative method. But in the creation of a great logo design there are some steps any process shouldn’t lack of.

    The brand study (or discovery phase)

    What makes a great logo is a design that knows you brand, its goals and ideal clientele, and is capable of representing all that into one single image.

    Ideally a good designer will ask you to fill out a questionnaire before getting started, asking you many questions, maybe even more than what you’re expecting! How your brand was born, when was the moment you decided to trust your vision, what’s your clients need, what feelings you wish to communicate with your brand, and so on…

    It’s an introspective process, not only finalized to the creation of the design itself, but also useful to you, to clear up your mind and get ready to experience the rest of the process with pure awareness.

    The conception

    Concept is what makes a great logo truly functional. After all, a logo is the realisation of a project, an idea, a creative process. It holds in itself not only the name of your brand, but also hidden drawings and meanings, representing your brand and your tone of voice in a truly unique way.

    The logo creation itself

    Right after the concept, it’s time for stylistic choices. Yes, because even the choice of a pen, pencil, marker can do the difference. Imagine the difference between the thin and precise line of a calligraphy pen and the creative, imperfect thickness of a dry brush pen. They communicate completely different sensations.

    The creation of a logo includes both the act of drawing but also stylistic choices and putting into practice what you got from that initial discovery phase, as well as the process of revision based on the client’s feedback.

    So, what makes a great logo then? When can you say your logo really works?

    • When it’s unique, personal, different and never the same as anybody else’s
    • When it tells your story and communicates your message
    • When you feel truly represented by it and proud to show it off
    • When behind the design there’s a concept to discover, magnetic, that sticks in your client’s mind
    • When it keeps in consideration your brand’s goals and ideal clientele

    So, does your logo truly work? Remember that what perfectly worked a couple of years ago might need a little refresh now. Business goals change with time, and with them design also should. Is your logo great?

    Branding for small businesses: what makes a great logo that functions as magnet for your ideal clients