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  • Branding for small businesses

    How much does a logo design cost?

    Branding for small businesses: how much does a logo design cost and what to take into consideration when hiring a designer

    Probably you’ve just founded your freelance business, or maybe you’ve trusted DIY (or even websites that let you create free or very cheap logos) up until now. I bet you’re here because you deep down realise you’d prefer trusting an expert, but at the same time you were expecting different prices from a logo design service.

    You’re wondering: how much does a logo design cost? How much is it fair to pay a logo design, when is it too much or too low?

    The process

    When you buy a custom service, always remember to keep the process into consideration either than just the finished result. You might consider what you imagine to “hold in your hands” when the work is finished as a simple design, and this can trick you into undervaluing its preciousness. Instead, think about the process, the experience the service is proposing.

    The process of creation of a logo design generally goes through phases similar to these:

    • The brand study: a good logo designer will ask you many questions, some even very specific, others introspective. Studying a brand means discovering its essence, understanding what it stands for, knowing its audience and its goals.
    • The conception: when you buy a creative service, remember you’re also buying the creativity of a professional and that’s why buying from one designer or another makes a complete difference. The conception phase allows the creativity of the chosen professional to interpret your message in his unique style. This phase is the moment when the brand study and all the data gathered merge and transform into ideas and drafts, creating something unique, personal and representative of your brand.
    • The logo creation: only at this point, after showing you a branding proposal, the designer will actually start working at the logo design. Based on the method chosen, he’d firstly work at some drafts and then create a digital (ideally vector) logo to show you.
    • The revisions: any creative custom process usually includes revisions, so that you can always say the last word and get a design you feel fully represented by. A good designer has the main goal to be able to represent the essence of your brand and, at the meanwhile, make sure you, yes you, feel proud of the end result.
    • The handoff: a great logo is an image that communicates but also give you autonomy and versatility. A good designer would hand off not only the main logo design, but also its secondary variations to fit different spaces. You’d ideally also receive the files in different formats and sizes to fit any context.

    The time

    The creation of a design is both an intellectual and manual work. It includes a study and research phase as well as a great amount of hours spent in front of paper and screens.

    When you buy a handmade creation, you’re not only paying the end result but also the entire process and the hours necessary to create it. No logo that really works can be made in 5 minutes, and this is why the value of a logo design goes way beyond the finished product.

    The added value

    A good logo, one that keeps in mind your goals and your ideal clientele, is not just an image but so much more:

    • It provides you with a good dose of self-esteem, because it’s an image that truly represents you in a unique way and you’re proud to show it off
    • It guides you in future branding and marketing choices, because thanks to it you went through an introspective path that allowed you to discover your goals and ideal clientele
    • It helps you get noticed, because a beautiful logo is a pleasure to look at but also remember
    • It selects the right clients for you, skimming people who approach it because it communicates your message only to who’s ready to actually listen
    • It transforms your potential clients into passionate fans of your business

    The experience

    Lastly, let’s not forget any professional work includes a good dose of experience. Exactly like doctors, accountants, layers and any more “classical” professions out there, even creative works gain value based on the experience of the professional who’s working at it.

    The more experience your designer has, the more you can be sure the finished result will actually work. Experience is a fundamental feature of the creative you’ve hired, it’s what formed him in the years, what allowed him to make mistakes he won’t commit with you.

    So, how much does a logo cost?

    An honest price for a logo design ranges from 200 to 800€, where all the variables we just went through need to always be taken into consideration.

    If a designer is proposing you a logo design service at less than 200€, then maybe is because something is missing in his process (for example make sure the brand study is always included) or the professional is lacking in experience, or maybe you might need to add some extras to get a fully coherent and versatile design.

    Now that you know how much a logo should cost you, all that’s left is finding the right designer for your needs, capable to offer exactly what your brand deserves, and start giving your brand a face.

    Branding for small businesses: how much does a logo design cost and what to take into consideration when hiring a designer