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    How to find clients online

    Branding for small businesses: how to find clients online (or, better, get found by them)

    So you just started your freelance adventure and it’s finally time to find your first clients? Or maybe you’re in business since a while but you’ve just discovered the fascinating world of internet to amplify your clientele?

    Your question now is: how do I find clients online?

    Well, there are many factors to keep into consideration. First of all, the web is a huge space, almost infinite, and opens you the doors to an international potential clientship, one with interests of all kinds. If you come from the world of local businesses with a rather small audience, doing business on the internet will be a big change to get used to.

    Identify your ideal clientele

    Right, what you should literally forget is trying to sell your services or products to everyone indistinctly. I know, it can be tempting when the potential to be heard is immense. But by trying to please everyone, you’re deep down really pleasing no one.

    Identify your ideal clientele, the one that needs you and what you have to offer, the one that pushed you to create your business in a first place. Who is it? What’s its job? What is it interested into?

    If you can describe it, you can find it. Identifying the websites, platforms and social channels they’re using will be easy at this point, and that’s where you need to start looking.

    Getting found

    I don’t know about you, but running a business has already many responsibilities and tasks to cover for me to “waste time” actively looking for the right clients. I much prefer for them to be the ones finding me, so that I can dedicate my time to the task of my work I actually like to do: creating.

    Yes, but how? The idea is to be carefully but naturally present in the spaces and platforms your ideal clientele uses daily. You communicate your message, they find you and understand they literally need you.

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    Having the right face

    Being able to find clients online means doing a right communication without ever looking spamming or insisting. It means knowing how to use tools that can support you in this process and make your communication a real magnet for your dream clients.

    Branding is one of these tools, maybe the first and most fundamental: it proposes your services visually to your right clientship, shares your message only to who’s ready to listen, knows how to skim the clientele to avoid wrong clients and automates for you the process of research.

    So, now that you know how to find clients online, are you ready to get off on the right foot?

    Branding for small businesses: how to find clients online (or, better, get found by them)