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    Why you shouldn’t create your own logo

    Branding for small businesses: here's why you shouldn't create your own logo

    Websites allowing you to create free logos online are sprouting up like mushrooms now, and I bet you too have started wondering why the heck you should even consider to pay a designer if you can create your own logo, furthermore for completely free!

    As a brand designer, websites like these make me cringe a little. And no: not because they’re “stealing” my job, not at all! What they’re doing is not replacing designers, but being instead a disfavour to anyone using them. A logo design is much more than just an image and you should never undervalue the process behind it.

    I suggest you never use these websites to create your own logo, or even try to DIY your logo in any other ways unless you have some design competences.

    Here’s why:

    • First of all, there’s no brand study behind it, all that introspective discovery phase that allows you to dive deep into your goals and ideal clientele. And if you think you can do it by yourself or you already have a clear mind, don’t ever undervalue the importance of being guided by a professional in this process, someone who actually knows which questions to ask and what answers are needed.
    • As a consequence, there’s no research process allowing you to define the foundations of your brand, like a color palette with a coherent color psychology created to attract the right client, or a selection of fonts in the right style to tell your message.
    • You’re risking to have a logo identical to someone else’s, and maybe this is the one reason that will immediately resonate with you if the previous ones were too technical for your likings!
      After all, websites that let you create your own logo for free or cheap, only work by proposing you a couple of simple questions to then let you choose between an icon and the text font. But how many other users are selecting the exact same options as you?
      If you’re serious about your brand, this is a risk you can’t really afford to take. A logo that really works is unique and personal, tells your own why, your own dreams and the need of your own clients, and can’t be the exact same as someone else’s out there.
    • And then, a logo like that is really doing you a disfavour and undervaluing your worth! Your brand deserves much more, your idea has a lot more to offer, you are worth more.
      Always remember that by giving up on a really good logo to prefer a free/cheap alternative, you’re saying no to quality and communicating a lack of trust in your vision to your clients.

    So what, have you changed your mind?

    Here’s how you can take action to change things for the better immediately:

    • Discover my FREE (but this time for a good reason) email course Get Client Hunted to start asking yourself the right questions about your brand;
    • Find the right designer for your needs, with the style you feel best represents the potential of your brand. If you’re not sure, don’t be afraid to get in touch and talk to him about your project to discover if even him is excited to work with you;
    • Hire a designer to get a real, professional, empathic logo created, to give the right credit to your idea!
    Branding for small businesses: here's why you shouldn't create your own logo