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Portfolio: Logo and branding for wedding planner Un Giorno Su Misura

03 June 2019 • Filed under Portfolio

Now, Elisabetta was not the first wedding planner I ever designed a logo for, nor it was the first time I worked with her (she’s one of my most loyal clients ever!). But when she got in touch about rebranding her wedding planner business Un Giorno Su Misura, I felt both extremely excited and a bit anxious!

I’ve been following her business since so long I can’t even remember when it started. Her weddings are always dreamy and fabulous, and her business was already so well-established, that I could’t help but be enthusiastic about having the honour to design its new identity but also feel a bit under pressure at the same time. I wanted it to be perfect!

This is not your average wedding planner logo. This is unique, elegant, sophisticated, modern and rich in concepts. I’m very excited to share the final result with you today, so here you go…

Wedding Planner logo design and branding Un Giorno Su Misura high-end destination weddings


Un Giorno Su Misura was already a well-established brand when we worked at the new identity. She was able to tell exactly what her current and ideal clientele looked like, having a rich experience on her shoulders already: she specializes in destination weddings in Veneto and mostly Venice (Italy) and works with higher end clients with a very sophisticated aesthetic.

Her brand already had a consolidated color palette we didn’t feel the need to part with. It was still perfect to communicate with her ideal clientele! We only decided to implement a pale gold foil touch, which added a luxury high-end feel to the brand.

Romantic, luxury, modern color palette and mood board for wedding planner logo Un Giorno Su Misura



Rebranding, from the designer point of view, is a completely different experience than building a new brand identity from scratch, especially when you know that brand so well! You’re so used to see it that way to be able to even imagine it differently.

I’d lie if I said I didn’t struggle to image a new brand identity for Un Giorno Su Misura. I could see how the previous branding was not working for her anymore, sure. But at the same time it took me a few days to start imagining a new direction for the brand.

After chatting with Elisabetta about her brand values and how no illustrations ever felt good enough to express her full potential in the past, we decided the brand icon needed to be a monogram instead.

Drafts for logo design and branding for wedding planner Un Giorno Su Misura

Initially I imagined to assemble the four initials of the brand’s name into one icon. But eventually we decided the brand needed more than just a monogram – as I mentioned, not your usual wedding planner logo here!

It all started coming together when we decided on a direction for the logo font. While we initially played with the idea of a calligraphy logo, it immediately felt a bit of a too popular choice. A beautiful and evergreen choice, of course, but a bit too conventional for a wedding planner brand like Un Giorno Su Misura. I proposed an uppercase Sans Serif with a sophisticated and elegant feel instead, and we both knew it was the direction we were looking for.

Oval monogram wedding planner logo and branding Un Giorno Su MisuraMonogram seamless pattern wedding planner logo design Un Giorno Su Misura

From the way we laid out the logo, the monogram took form into a mix of letters and concepts. You might be able to see the G and S of Un Giorno Su Misura merging together, but some of you might also spot a heart shape, or even a tulip. Or who knows, maybe you can even see more than what we purposely implemented!

The brand icon also worked perfectly in a seamless pattern which I provided in different color variations. The pattern is a unique touch to her branding, feeling luxurious and anticipating a unique experience.


What really makes it different from any wedding planner logo, was turning a simple font into a custom lettered logo. The lettering is based on an actual font (so that Elisabetta can reference back to it and is able to use it in her files easily) but has been completely hand-drawn with added details, which bring in more of an elegant romantic feel, and a purposeful handmade touch.

Both the monogram and lettering felt the perfect place to inject the pale gold and, consequently, that extra luxury feel!

Logo design variations gold foil wedding planner Un Giorno Su Misura



Once the branding was completed, we immediately put it into practice by updating a couple of pieces of her branded stationery so that her new branding looked coherent and cohesive everywhere.

I created a business card design which Elisabetta was able to get cut into the exact shape of her monogram. This is what I call attention to details! We decided to have it printed in gold foil on thick grainy for that instant “wow” factor each time she hands over a business card to her potential clients.

Testing business card design branded stationery logo design for wedding planner Un Giorno Su Misura


I don’t know about you, but I’m so chuffed with the result! This is just the kind of projects I love: a client that knows the importance of branding and of the attention to the smaller details, a focused goal and a logo design rich in concepts and style.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the behind-the-scenes of this different wedding planner logo design!


Loved the process behind this project? I’d love to work with YOU too: do you run a blog, website or small business? Do you need help with branding and finding a way to communicate with your dream clients? Get in touch today, I might have a couple of ideas on how we can work together already!

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