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Portfolio: Branding & Website For Health Coach Christie Bayley

16 October 2017 • Filed under Portfolio

Today I’m very excited to announce a new client launch and show you the brand and website for health coach Christie Bayley! But let me tell you this story from the very beginning…

When eating psycologist and health coach Christie Bayley got in touch many months ago, she was between the very firsts who decided to go for my biggest package since I launched my business earlier this year. I always feel very blessed when someone decides to trust me for bringing their business and website to life. And I’m sure it’s a feeling that will never feel obvious!

She talked to me about how she tried to build her own website by herself and how she felt in need to give her brand a proper identity. I was excited to get started with a project so different from small sites and personal blogs. I never worked at branding or website for health coach before, but my head was already spinning with ideas.

Branding And Website For Health Coach Christie Bayley - Full Brand Board


Christie had a clear idea of her brand’s purpose and ideal client even before we got started. She was working with brides up until then, but felt her focus needed to shift towards women more in general. She was looking to come up in the results of all different women looking for a health coach with a different approach. Christie needed the website to speak to this kind of all-feminine audience, but wanted her expertise and professionality to be noticable as well. Mostly she needed a brand identity that talked of her open and holistic method.

I asked her to describe her ideas for her new brand identity in three adjectives, and she answered:

  • Easy
  • Knowledgeable
  • Holistic

With these in mind and a focus on the all-feminine ideal clientele, I put together an inspiration board for the project. It involved, between the rest, delicated and natural colours and textures, watercolour swashes and floral elements.

Branding And Website For Health Coach Christie Bayley - Inspiration Board

This process brought to life a very focused colour palette, made of simple and soft shades coming directly from nature.

Logo & Branding

What Christie liked from the initial inspiration board was a mixture of waterlour textures, clean detailed icons and calligraphy elements. We both agreed they were definitely in line with her brand brief. I was already imagining the end result: simple and explicative, feminine and fresh.

We started with some illustrated elements first. I designed a few clean icons to represent the steps in her method: the connection, communication, and different approach. I wanted them to explain her services directly and fully, be clear and straight to the point. This was the occasion to elaborate a distinctive brand icon. And as usual it came pretty natural at this point. I repeated it in each of the illustrated elements, and of course we brought it also elsewhere later on in the process.

Branding And Website For Health Coach Christie Bayley - Illustrated Elements

I actually didn’t show Christie the illustrated elements first, but took some time to start brainstorming a few ideas for her logo design. The fact that I already had a clear idea for some of the brand’s elements, made it easy to create coordinated logo alternatives. Christie was after a hand-lettered logo, and so I worked at some custom calligraphy and put together a few options:

Branding And Website For Health Coach Christie Bayley - Logo Alternatives

From there the actual logos went through a first selection and then some more edits, until we came up with the final version. All the elements we planned to include where already there: feminine calligraphy, soft watercolour textures, clean but detailed icons. We already had a strong brand identity thought to speak to her ideal clientele directly.

Branding And Website For Health Coach Christie Bayley - Final Logo and Submark

We finished it off by selecting a combination of fonts, and by elaborating a couple of floral patterns. Both were planned to support the idea behind the brand.

Marketing materials

Now that we had a strong brand board in our hands, it was time to put it into practise! This is where the fun comes in. I designed some beautiful thank you cards for her clients first, combining the patterns and some lettering in the same style as her logo:

Branding And Website For Health Coach Christie Bayley - Thank You Cards

Then we worked at a coordinated newsletter template where all her brand elements were coming in. She also planned to offer a free ebook to her new subscribers, and of course even this one is branded!

Branding And Website For Health Coach Christie Bayley - Newsletter & eBook

Lastly she asked for a coordinated editable PDF document, where she could insert customized goals to send across to her clients during the process.

Branding And Website For Health Coach Christie Bayley - Document Template

This kind of materials, whether they’re destined to marketing or not, if well coordinated, always have the power to give the impression of a brand that is curated in the details. Nothing in Christie’s branding has been left without her unique brand’s signature.

Web design

Lastly we worked at her website. I rembemer it so neatly when I firstly showed her some static previews of the idea for her web design. She was in bliss! This is the step when clients actually start to get excited about the brand and website to go live… And she had all rights to be! Her website was such a pleasure to put together.

All the elements from her brand board worked so nicely paired to each others. The fonts, the colours, the textures, everything was unique and coherent. Once the previews for all the different pages were ready, I coded them all, optimized the website for all browsers and devices and sent across a custom guide for her to start using the site behind-the-scenes.

Branding And Website For Health Coach Christie Bayley - Web Design

Her website obviously focuses on her services, but she also wanted her blog to be part of the great scheme. She had this plan of publishing her recipes for her clients (or potential clientele) to check out… and this made the whole website even nicer to create!

I’m so chuffed with the result, and so excited to annouce her brand’s launch today. Make sure you pop by her website and have a look around!

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Portfolio: Branding & Website For Health Coach Christie Bayley