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Freelancing Stories: Visual Marketing For Online Businesses, with Valentina of Zucchero&Caffé

05 August 2017 • Filed under Freelancing Stories

I can’t help but feel extremely inspired whenever I spot a creative actually crafting a product with his own hands from the very start to finish, bringing it around, offering it to fairs and events and markets, and in general being that brave to believe in his ideas and dreams. And Valentina of Zucchero&Caffé is no exception! I am so excited to have her answering my Freelancing Stories questions this month.

Not only she creates the cutest wooden objects, decorations and cake toppers (all by hand! I mean…!), but she has such a bright personality… and she’s doing SO great on Instagram too. This is why I couldn’t wait to hear her tips on all things social media, visual marketing, running your own business online, and much more…

The importance of visual marketing on social media for online creative businesses with Valentina of Zucchero&Caffé

What do you do?

I run Zucchero&Caffé, a shop for wooden home decor for children rooms and nurseries, but also fun and creative workspaces! All my creations are made fully by hand, from cut to finish, and I love playing around with colours, surrounding myself with bright and fun hues and bringing those into my product ideas and projects.

How did it all begin? When did you decide to go for it?

I’ve always loved anything made by hand and DIY projects. I used to create small decorations for my old shop’s window… and wood has always had a charm on me!

When I found myself in front of the decision of what to do next after closing my old shop, I came up with the idea of handmade wooden signs. From there it was a parade of inspirations and new ideas, which helped me and my business grow, find new paths and learn new techniques.

Valentina of Zucchero e Caffé: wooden nursery and home decor, talking visual marketing for online businesses

What was your biggest goal or dream when you started?

At the beginning I didn’t have any real dream or goal for my business. It all started so naturally and spontaneously that I never got the chance to think about what I dreamed and wanted. It’s only now, after a few years of testing the waters, that I start to see what I really aim to. I have much clearer ideas and so dreaming and planning new goals is starting to come natural. It might seem surreal, but because of the fact it all started as a passion and not a job, I never thought of it as a business and I’m getting involved into this aspect only recently.

How was it, when you took the risk? Anything you didn’t expect?

This is a tricky question! Everything is still such a work-in-progress that I don’t quite know how to answer! Surely I wasn’t expecting such a support from social media. It helped me a lot, both in understanding what people like, and also in discovering amazing creatives who supported and inspired me everyday. In some cases, they also turned into proper friendships!

I’m very attracted to the visual aspect of a business, and Instagram is so helpful for this! Visual marketing and a research in a visual style are so important to attract people your way and valorize products. I surely still have to work on it and perfect my style! But visual marketing is something that should be taken in huge consideration when selling online. Especially in a world where people scroll so fast, and you have to grab their attention through a static image.

Talking visual marketing for online businesses with Valentina of Zucchero e Caffé

Did/do you have to face adversity?

The biggest difficulty is surely time. The time I need to dedicate myself to everything, to work at new projects, meet all the clients requests… but also time for myself, dedicated to my hobbies and passions. When working from home you kind of loose the condition of time. It’s so easy to confuse working hours and moments you should dedicate to taking breaks!

Working for yourself then, also have an other side of the coin. In my case I’m never completely satisfied and I can be so hard with myself! I’m such a demanding boss!

What’s your biggest goal for your freelance career at the moment?

At the very moment I’m trying to work on new projects. Ideas born at the begging of the year, and even those that will come in Autumn. I’d love to create a single line, simple and essential, that could please a good amount of type of uses. But this is still top secret! But stay tuned because it’ll be launched and revealed in November at the next fair…

Cake topper - Valentina of Zucchero&Caffé, talking visual marketing for online businesses

Tell us the secret! Your best tip about freelancing?

Experimenting to me is so fundamental. I’m extremely curious and dedicate most of my time to research. I believe in trying, failing and then trying again. Without giving up.

But talking of visual marketing, what I think it’s even more important is defining your own style. Have a look around, filter all the information through your own eyes and heart, and find your own way!

Want to be featured in the next episode of Freelancing Stories? I’d love to hear from you! If you run a freelance business (of any kind) and would like to share your inspiring story, please feel free to get in touch!

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