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3 First Steps To Create A Brand Identity

05 October 2021 • Filed under Branding

You’re in the process of launching your new freelance business or creating a new brand. You’re aware of the importance of having a curated brand identity. But you either don’t know where to start or your budget is just a little too tight for the investment. I see you. I’ll never deny the importance of a completely coordinated and professionally designed brand identity. But I also reckon sometimes you just need to start somewhere! If you wonder what the first steps to create a brand identity are, where and how to start and what you really need, this post is for you!

Here are the brand identity steps I recommend you don’t miss, even if you’re just starting:

  • Create a brand mood board
  • Choose your brand colors
  • Pick your brand fonts

Below is a roundup of my best resources for creating a brand identity starting from the first essential steps and onwards.

01. Create a brand mood board

The very first step is brainstorming. Start by gathering any type of inspiration (think colors, fonts, mood, atmosphere, logo design, photography…) with the purpose of putting together a brand mood board. Read my How To Create A Brand Mood Board guide to discover what tools to use.

02. Choose your brand colors

Colors are the foundation of any brand identity. By defining a color palette for your brand you’ll be able to build a consistent brand image across all your platforms. You’ll know which colors and filters to use for your photography and a coordinated Instagram feed, for example. Or which colors to use for your website or graphics to properly attract the right attentions. Understanding the importance of color psychology is the first step. Next up check out my guide on how to choose your brand colors to get started on the color palette creation process.

03. Pick your brand fonts

Fonts are the second element that plays with psychology and subconscious to help you attract the right target and position your brand as you desire. With the right font palette you’ll be able to immediately communicate if your brand is expensive or affordable, luxurious or approachable. Read my guide on how to pick the right fonts for your brand and logo, to understand how different font styles can adapt to different brands.

These are the 3 steps to create a brand identity I recommend to get you started. With a proper vision and a set of purposefully selected tools like colors and fonts, you can start coordinating your brand across all the platforms and build a consistent brand identity online and offline.

Great news! I’ve put together a handy Brand Your Small Business Worksheet to get you started. It’ll accompany you in the brainstorming process and in the selection of the right colors and fonts for you brand. Download it here or fill the form below.

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