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Portfolio: Rebranding For Floral Designer Daisy Studio

15 April 2018 • Filed under Portfolio

Margherita was the first client who decided to trust me for a complete branding project back when I first started this business of mine. It has been a couple of years and both our businesses have grown in the meanwhile. So when she came back about a rebranding for her floral designer business, I was head over hills excited about the idea!

Her brand evolved quite a lot ever since she first started. So while the first time we went for a creative, colourful and playful look, this time she needed something very different. Her ideal clientele has swifted in the meanwhile, and her aim is now focused towards weddings more then ever before. The playful style wasn’t really working anymore. Instead she was after a timeless, elegant, romantic but still earthy and natural look.

I love drawing flowers more than anything, so a rebranding for floral designer is totally my cup of tea!

Rebranding For Floral Designer Daisy Studio Complete Brand Board


What was immediately clear was that, while her strong link to nature and sustainable practicies still needed to come through, she was after something cleaner and adult. She was ready to step away from the friendly, playful and colourful style.

With her ideal audience behind 99% female and a big majority being brides-to-be, the new brand needed to be romantic, elegant, sophisticated. But still, we wanted her bond with nature and her land to come through with a earthy natural feel.

I asked her to describe her floral designer brand with three adjectives and she replied:

  • Natural
  • Fresh
  • Elegant

From there our ideas were clear enough to put together an inspiration board and define the details before getting started:

Rebranding For Floral Designer Daisy Studio Pinterest Inspiration Board

Her new colour scheme is neutral, a little moody, feminine and elegant. And it brings in the fundamental presence of green but as darker option. The deep forest green was perfect to bring in a sophiticated unique look to her brand.


Although the logo is generally the first element I focus on, in this case I needed some illustrations to work with in a first place. And of course a rebranding for floral designer needed a nice set of floral illustrated elements!

The idea was to recreate a sort of botanical style with the illustrations: not too precise, hand-drawn, but very detailed indeed. We wanted them to look very elegant and detailed, but also remind of old botanical books and bring in that earthy feel in the brand.

I asked Margherita to write down a long list of some of the flowers, plants and berries local to her, or some she grows herself in her garden. This way the set was completely customized and personal to her brand.

Rebranding For Floral Designer Daisy Studio Botanical Pattern Illustrations

From there we tested out a few of the illustrations and built a logo design.

She wanted something not too far from the first logo I designed for her, that was her signature everywhere and the image clients recognized her from up until then. So I updated the hand-lettering with a cleaner, thinner, softer line, but maintained the main logo structure.

Rebranding For Floral Designer Daisy Studio Logo Design Brand IdentityRebranding For Floral Designer Daisy Studio Logo Variations Lettering

We loved the result immediately, and decided to bring in the lettering in the website as well. And of course I created a couple of coordinated logo variations. And a “D” monogram, because why not!


For this project I collaborated with Daniela which brought together the most beaufitul and richer photography set. This allowed me and Margherita to play around as much as we liked in the website pages. And who doesn’t love to open each new page of a website and find a fabulously rich set of pretty pictures?

It’s incredible how well colours are coordinated in the brand and photography. This is what makes me and Daniela such a great team, I’m sure! Every piece of stationery including Daniela’s photography and my designs is perfectly coordinated to match Daisy Studio new guidelines so perfectly!

Rebranding For Floral Designer Daisy Studio Coordinated Branded Photography


Ahh her web design and coding did took a big effort! It was probably the richer website I ever designer (even richer than my own!)… With so many pages, each of which with a different layout!

But it was all worth because I couldn’t be prouder of the result.

We refined her homepage to make it functional but light and elegant. The illustrations and lettering sets came in so handy to enrich the website with personality.

We redesigned each and every existing page… But also added in a new shop, blog and English translation for her website to be perfectly complete on every front.

Rebranding For Floral Designer Daisy Studio Web Design Website Shop Preview

Go ahead, have a look around >


With the help of Daniela’s photography and the elements I illustrated, each piece of stationery was perfectly on brand. She needed such a rich set: flyers, brochures, business cards, banners and much more. And you’ll know by now stationery is my favourite thing to design! I can say I’m pretty proud of the result!

Rebranding For Floral Designer Daisy Studio Marketing Pieces Stationery A4 Folded BrochureRebranding For Floral Designer Daisy Studio Marketing Pieces Stationery Business CardRebranding For Floral Designer Daisy Studio Marketing Pieces Stationery A5 Flyer

I was extremely enthusiast to be able to do a rebranding for floral designer Daisy Studio! Especially because I know her brand so well, being the first one to design it and see it getting to life. And working with Margherita again was as fullfilling as I expected.

We totally did such a great job, and I coundn’t be happier with the result! Make sure you go and check out her new brand and website. We hope you enjoy!


Loved the process behind this project? I’d love to work with YOU too: do you run a blog, website or small business? Do you need help with branding and finding a way to communicate with your dream clients? Get in touch today, I might have a couple of ideas on how we can work together already!

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Portfolio: Rebranding For Floral Designer Daisy Studio