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Portfolio: Branding For Lifestyle Blog She Walks In Beauty

27 May 2017 • Filed under Portfolio

When Gaia firstly got in touch about curating the design of her soon-to-be online diary, I immediately knew we were such a good fit! But I couldn’t imagine what firstly sounded like a pretty design project for a lifestyle blog, was going to quickly transform into a full branding work later on.

When a client loves your style even just by having a quick browse through your portfolio, and is creative and passionate as you like – that’s surely going to be a good project to work at! And the blog design and branding for lifestyle blog She Walks In Beauty was definitely one of my favourite projects to date. I can’t quite wait to show you all the behind-the-scenes and process details today…

Branding For Lifestyle Blog She Walks In Beauty Brand Board


Gaia is creative and has the biggest amount of passions and hobbies. She wanted an online space where to talk about them all, while inspiring others to embrace curiosity and creativity. Her main focus always being food, beauty and lifestyle, she needed a space that was both inspiring and personal.

When I asked her what adjectives best described the idea of her new blog, she listed:

  • Lively
  • Colourful
  • Passionate

And if you’re a designer you’ll agree when I say she already sounded just like the most perfect ideal client! Her ideas where always creative, and she left room for experimenting and implementing all sorts of different elements. So when putting together her project’s inspiration board, I offered the biggest amount of options for fun and colourful elements:

Branding For Lifestyle Blog She Walks In Beauty Inspiration Board

Logo & Branding

My process usually involves arranging a few logo design options and showing them to the client without implementing the colour scheme. This because I like the client to focus on the main structure of the logo, instead of being influenced by how colours can make a design look.

But when working at the branding for her lifestyle blog, considering that we wanted to include custom illustrations that were all about colours, I felt the need to show her all the different variations directly in their final stages.

We focused on the colour palette first, picking shades that we knew were both going to compliment the idea of illustrated elements we were starting with, but also perfectly reflected Gaia’s creative and lively personality. Only then I started working at custom illustrations! I was excited because this project gave me a chance to play around with faces and real characters, which is something I don’t do that often as an illustrator.

Branding For Lifestyle Blog She Walks In Beauty Logo Variations

We started with the idea of having the logo in two different variations with illustrated characters that showed the opposite personalities of the blog and its owner. One, red lipstick and sunglasses in hand, interested into fashion, beauty and all things womanly. The other, a book in one hand and a cup of tea in the other, showing her cosiest side. We tested out different fonts and the option of custom lettering before deciding on one single alternative.

My favourite feature of the project? The logo changing at page refresh, showing each time one version of the character’s personality! We ended up adding in a third illustrations as well, which makes things even more interesting.

Branding For Lifestyle Blog She Walks In Beauty Logo Design

Blog Design

This is the project that involved the biggest amount of illustrations so far between the ones I’ve worked at! For the blog design itself I worked at more illustrated elements for her main categories, with objects she loves/uses daily. And then, for the static pages and posts signature, I worked at even more illustrated characters to complete the set!

Gaia was after a magazine-style blog layout, that showcased a good bunch of posts from the different categories directly on the homepage. We focused on building very organized categories, each coming with practical subcategories that make navigating through the site super enjoyable!

Branding For Lifestyle Blog She Walks In Beauty Blog Design

We wanted the site to be user-friendly, easy and fun to look at and immediate to load and browse through. One of my favourite features is surely the Top 5 slider, showing 5 of the reader’s favourite posts.

Branded Stationery

Something that wasn’t in the plan, but I was excited to create, was coordintated stationery for She Walks In Beauty. I love when clients take their online space seriously and decide to have a complete branded look for their stationery as well! It’s not often that I work at the branding of a lifestyle blog, and the client end up asking for a complete coordinated look.

Together we worked at some sticker designs featuring her illustrations, and then at some business card designs. And since conventional has never been in our plans, we opted for some vertical-oriented business cards instead of the usual!

Working at branded stationery for her blog gave me the change to create a signature pattern for her branding. And of course I provided a few different variations for the front with the three different logo designs!

Branding For Lifestyle Blog She Walks In Beauty Business Cards Branded Stationery

I was excited to provide a complete branding that’s injected with personality and focused on attracting a very specific audience.

The blog officially launched only a couple of weeks ago, but it already looks promising. And I couldn’t be happier of how the design compliments her contents and photography so well.

Make sure to pop by to check out the entire design >>

I’d love to work with you!

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