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Hello & Welcome!

15 October 2015 • Filed under Branding


Well, hello there!

We’re so excited to welcome you all on your new website! We have worked at Miel Café Design for months, and sometimes it felt like it wasn’t ever going to look complete, but as soon as we announched the launching date everything started looking everyday more concrete and finally today we have the pleasure to welcome you to come along on our new shining website!

With the website and new brand, we’re also launching a few services we’re so excited to reveal! Here’s a quick list for those of you who want a roundup or are not subscribed to our maling list yet!

Premade Blog Designs – We’ve put together beautiful, clear, high quality, responsive and fully customizable Blogger templates and WordPress themes for fellow bloggers and website owners. We are very excited to present five different designs on our launching date, and we truly hope you can see the value of the product and how much love and time we spent on every single detail!

La Papeterie – As much as we are fan of websites, blogs and the internet world, we understand the need of going back to paper (we’re especially lovers of to-do lists!) and wanted to come up with a new subscription based service for all fellow creatives of all sorts. La Papeterie is a collection of handmade fun and useful printables, including planners and to-do lists in all kind of styles and patterns, art prints, gift material, labels and more! We are going to upload new files every week too!

But the best part of it is that we’ve take on the commitment to donate 10% of La Papeterie income to a different charity association every month. So if you have some close to your heart, please let us know!

Custom Services – Our aim is to help fellow bloggers, creatives and business owners. We understand the need of having a high quality, easy to browse through, unique web or blog design. With our custom services we hope to help in building beautiful and unique brands and websites that will shine between the many others on the same market.

Logo Design Process


The design process behind our logo wasn’t smooth in the slightest: probably because it was our own logo we were designing, but we didn’t feel as confident as usual when getting started with it. We went through various stages, and what we liked one time, we were not very sure the next day.

What we knew is that we wanted something very personal and different. I’ve always been a fan of hand-lettered logos and wanted something I created myself into it. Ever since I got into calligraphy I’m trying my hands at writing some parts of our logo’s text, letters, words, making those into digital texts and putting them into use into a circular shape or something. Until I’ve finally come up with something I truly like!

We decided to stick to our Miel Café brand palette to maintain the same color scheme all over our websites. We went for some bold, slim and italic combinations for our fonts (it wasn’t easy to pick, but some of them are actually my all time favourites!) and designed a whole set of icons for our website. Between them we both agreed the two crossed pencils would look lovely in our logo.

Before that, we had an anonymous logo and zero variations, but with the new illustration it all started feeling a lot more personal and unique. From there on things started going a lot more smoothly. I designed the letters by hand and then made them into digital elements and we started seeing very clearly the direction we wanted to take for the various variations.

We wanted an undone/made-by-hand finish for it, and the final effect kind of looks like dry-ink or written with a brush, which was exactly the feel we wanted to go for it.

We are so happy with how it turned out! We have printed so many variations for cards and labels already!


We hope you like the new brand and website as much as we do! Make sure you visit our new Etsy shop too! And make sure you grab your 10% off launching discount code before it’s too late by subscribing to our mailing list this week!

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