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New blog design for Of Beauty and Nothingness

13 November 2015 • Filed under Portfolio

Blog Design Board

After launching the new website and shop, the thing we were most excited about was the enthusiasm with which some of you contacted us about some custom work. With the aim of helping other creatives and bloggers to reflect their own personality and uniqueness into design, custom client work is like achieving a big goal in every single step of it!

Today we want to share with you the work we did for Of Beauty and Nothingness, a beauty, life and style blog we actually have worked for already before! Heather was after a brand new face for her online space, with new unique features and illustrations that completely reflected her own style and tastes.

Blog design inspiration board

From the very first steps into the design work, I knew it was a good one! With the idea of putting together an almost-autumnal color scheme and inserting some very unique floral designs, the design work already started looking very promising. Although after putting together the blog design inspiration board, we were oriented towards some very autumnal colors for the design color scheme (such as some beautiful burgundy), we finally decided to desist in order to actually obtain something that would have looked great in every season and not only now.

However, the main features Heather required were the same: faded autumnal colors, floral details, handwritten lettering and a cozy feel. I kept all of these details in mind when designing a few variation for her logo.

Logo Variations

We decided the ampersand in the blog name could have been a great distinctive design element, so after sketching some floral elements for the blog design, I decided to incorporate some of those elements in the ampersand design as well. Heather picked the first option: it’s interesting to see how the initial concepts evolved into the final logo, with the new color palette and some more handwritten and floral elements and some faded and watercolor effects.

Final Logo Design

Lastly I’ve designed and coded her new blog design from scratch, making sure her blog posts were the main focus and the unique design elements I’ve put together for her were repeated all over in the new homepage.

I’m thrilled with the final result! Make sure to check out Heather’s blog to see the new design in action!


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