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Meet our Blog Branding Packs!

01 December 2016 • Filed under Everything Else

Meet our new Blog Branding Packs

If you’re subscribed to our newsletter you might have heard the news already, but we’re very excited to annouce our shop has been stocked up with some new products: Blog Branding Packs!

As I was mentioning in the launch email, we have received lots of requests about branding all the platforms when doing custom client work this last year, but what was completely unexpected (but maybe not that much) was the amount of bloggers interested into branding their imagery and online presence. This made us realize branding is not only fundamental to businesses or bigger projects, but that bloggers are interested too!

We wanted to provide a way bloggers could brand their online presence easily, no skills needed, and keep a certain aesthetic all over their platforms… and so we came up with the idea of some premade blog branding packs! We decided to pair our packs to our premade themes/templates just to give our clients the chance of having some imagery that match the blog design perfectly; right now we have five different option available in our shop, perfectly matching our 5 best-seller WordPress themes and Blogger templates!

Branding your blog has never been easier: meet our blog branding packs!

We wanted to make sure the packs were completely beginner-friendly, so we paired each of them with a super detailed step by step guide, illustrating every single process needed, from opening the files to saving them for web with your customized images and texts!

We also designed them so that they’re extremely easy to use and work with, making every single step the more intuitive and simple as possible. You don’t really need to know a single thing about Photoshop to work with these templates! Plus, we also thought about making them very versatile so that you can use them over and over again in your posts and in all your platforms.

Just check the video if you don’t believe me! It’s just that simple and quick, you’re basically a couple of clicks away from branding all your platforms with your own fonts and colours and blog’s aesthetic!

All the packs come with 10 different .PSD (Photoshop Document) templates, covering all the social media imagery you could think of (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube covers – but also templates to brand your Instagram picture and promote your posts on Pinterest!), but not only that, also blog post image templates and static page and newsletter banners!

Blog Branding Packs Launch Promo

This week only (until December 6th) we’re offering 15% off every single Blog Branding Pack currently available in our shop – and if the original price is already super inexpensive (considering you’re getting 10 high quality re-useable templates at once), with this offer you can’t really say no! Simply use code BRANDING15 at checkout!


Hope you enjoy!

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