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Portfolio: Rebrand For Interior Blog La Matita Bianca

22 April 2017 • Filed under Portfolio

One of the first projects I started this year was a complete rebrand for interior blog La Matita Bianca. I’m extremely excited when inspiring creatives and bloggers from my beloved Italy get in touch! And this is happening more and more recently.

I’ve worked at rebrands for interior blogs quite a lot recently, and I love how fun these projects can be! They’re usually a perfect balance between geometric shapes and fun colour palettes, and La Matita Bianca was no exception. Ever since the very beginning I knew this was going to be a project I wanted to showcase in my portfolio! So today I’m sharing a bit of the behind-the-scenes of how this brand was created!

La Matita Bianca Rebrand for Interior Blog Brand Board


Maria Chiara wanted a brand new face for her interior blog, something that well represent her concept of space and light. She felt like her previous design was a bit too tight for her project, and wanted her brand to look professional, fresh, organised and new. She needed a new face for her blog and business, to be able to attract her ideal audience of young couples or students in the process of buying or rearranging their places.

I asked her to describe her blog and business with three different adjectives and she listed:

  • Young
  • Linear
  • Fresh

All in all she was after a space that looked airy and clean, ready to host her space-designer services in the future. With all of this in mind, I put together a rich inspiration board for her project.

La Matita Bianca Rebrand for Interior Blog Inspiration Board

Logo & Branding

When I firstly started creating the inspiration board, it was already clear in my mind what colours would have worked in her case. She asked for colours that reminded of freshness, and loved the idea of including a custard yellow and pairing it with a dark teal. The addition of a dark purple instead of grey/black for body texts, communicates professionalism and precision.

La Matita Bianca Rebrand for Interior Blog Logo Design

For her logo design, we firstly worked on the meaning behind the blog’s name. La Matita Bianca, literally ‘the white pencil’, wants to communicate experience and precision. The white pencil is used only by expert artists, only they can understand its full potential. This is the same approach Maria Chiara uses in her work and when writing her articles, trying to provide tools that anyone can understand, but also offering more technical insights.

I used simple geometrical lines to create the shape of a pencil as representative icon for her logo. The idea quickly evolved when we decided to insert the pencil into a circle to give balance. And then realised the shape of the pencil created a perfect “M”! It was ideal for her blog name!

Paired with a geometrical clean font, the final result is interesting, fresh and different, but always clean and professional.

Blog Design

Ever since I firstly read her brief, I knew I was going to create a blog design that was both very linear and geometric, but also quite dynamic, airy and spacious. I wanted her concept of light and shapes to filter through each pixel!

For her interior blog’s homepage, I created a layout of perfectly embedded blocks. With a bold margin, fine lines, geometrical shapes and branded elements repeated here and there, I feel like together we were able to represent her initial idea at its finest!

La Matita Bianca Rebrand for Interior Blog Design

See the blog design in action on her site >>

Branded Stationery

My favourite part of the process is always seeing the branding come to life in branded stationery! She asked me to design a set of business cards, and of course I wanted to create something that went hand in hand with the rest of the branding: linear, fresh, new and different!

La Matita Bianca Rebrand for Interior Blog Branded Stationery

We’re both extremely pleased with the final result, and I couldn’t be happier! Make sure you pop by her site and give her some love! See project in my portfolio >>

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Portfolio: Rebrand For Interior Blog La Matita Bianca