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3 Ways To Get More Ideal Clients With Your Website

20 July 2020 • Filed under Web design

Any businesses of the 21st century will come to terms with the importance of having a website sooner or later. Now more than ever (considering the current global situation too!) being online with your business is more than essential. Truth is a website can be your best tool to get more clients. And, even better, attract your ideal clients and build a more focused and specific clientele.

One of the things I love the most about website designing for my clients, is identifying the strategies and directions to help them win their own ideal clients with their websites. As with anything in business, there’s no magic formula to create a profitable website. However there’re some handy general rules your website should follow in order to really attract more dream clients your way (without you even making the effort!).

Ready? Here are the top 3 ways to get more ideal clients with your website…

3 ways you could get more ideal clients with your website

Three Ways To Appeal To Your Ideal Clients With Your Website

1. Make them feel heard and seen

Your website isn’t there just for the sake of it, just because anybody else have one. Your website is the most powerful tool in your online marketing. Therefore anything inside it should feel strategic and purposeful.

I’m talking of your web design as much as your contents! Anything in your website should be focused to make your ideal clients feel heard and seen by you. This is what creates real connection, pushes users through the Zero Moment of Truth (as Google likes to call the research moment prior to purchase online) and turn them into buying clients.

Starting from your branding and web design, make sure every component was designed to appeal to your ideal client only. It can be easier said than done, I know. This is why I highly recommend you ask for the help of a professional who can guide you through this process.

But don’t underestimate the power of your website’s contents too. Imagery and copy can be huge turning points in your ideal client’s decision. Each word and image should be pondered to make sure it speaks to your ideal clients directly, making them feel seen and understood by you.

Not sure where to start with crafting your website content? The Website Content Guide is a tool I provide each of my paying clients with and it can be yours too! It’s a full-on checklist of anything that should go into your website’s pages, for them to always be purposeful and profitable for your business! I’m excited to share this invaluable resource with you: get it here or through the form below…

2. Provide the best user experience possible

User experience can sound daunting, I know. But it’s really key when it comes to standing out between the crowd of an oversaturated market. It could be the one factor your potential clients decide to choose you instead of a competitor.

User experience should be a top priority of any website. Your online home should always feel accessible, easy to browse through, and truly user-oriented. A lot of user experience comes down to design (responsiveness, functionalities…). However a good chunk of it is actually in your hands through content strategy and communication.

Test it out to make sure your website has no dead ends and always provides coherent next steps. You can check out my user experience best practices to start, but I promise by taking care of this key factor in your website, you’ll quickly start seeing results!

How to attract your ideal clients with your website
3. Showcase your best work

Stop trying to appeal to each and everyone, and niche down your business instead. Once you’ve identified your own niche, you’ll quickly stop showcasing each and every work just for the sake of it, in favour of focused and specific portfolio entries that will only attract your ideal type of people.

Especially at the beginning of a new business’ life, it can be tempting to simply showcase each new work just to show you’re actually working! But by not making a purposeful selection, you’re trying to appeal to everyone, with the result of not appealing to who really matters for your business, your ideal client.

Instead build a portfolio and an offerings list that is thought for your ideal clients only. This will allow you to feel much more specific to the people that matters. And, on the long run, build a much more focused and organic clientele flow.

As you can see, there really is not magic formula but only strategies you should adapt to your own case. But if anything, what really matters to get more ideal clients with your website, is always be purposeful and leave nothing to chance.

The Website Content Guide is here to help! It’s THE tool my paying clients swear by and you can get your hands on it too. A full-on checklist of copy and images to be included in the perfect website! Grab it here or through the form below…

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