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Free Font Monday: Nickainley

02 November 2015 • Filed under Resources


As designers, we do love a good free font when we spot it. Truth is there’re so many good handsome fonts out there lately, but finding some good quality modern-looking fonts for free is becoming somewhat of difficult. We want to start sharing our favourites in our ‘Free Font Monday‘ series from now on!

Today’s free font is gorgeous Nickainley Script, a monoline vintage-looking font that to us screams ‘logo and t-shirt design!’. Its hand-written feel is actually making it perfect for quote images and newsletter allerts, giving a classic, elegant aura to any text. This is a font I would actually pay for, just look at those lowercase ‘s’!

We thought it’s vintage feel paired so nicely with a sans serif like our favourite Arca Majora, forest details like Deers dingbat font and some of our hand-crafted ribbon vectors (perfect for any quote design!). You can download our ribbon vectors for free by subscribing to our mailing list at this link!


Download Nickainley Script


Let us know: what’s your favourite free font?


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