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5 Steps To Create A Successful Website

30 October 2020 • Filed under Web design

Chances are you already have a website, or you’re in the process of building one. I see you! As online entrepreneurs we’re repeatedly being told owning a website is fundamental to run a successful business. We’re on the never-ending quest for the best ways to create a successful website, constantly worrying our web spaces aren’t doing us justice.

Truth is your website can be your most powerful business alley. It can help you find clients and get new leads while you sleep (literally). And it can be a welcoming home for your prospective customers any time they need it, even if you’re not physically there.

Owning a website that works can truly turn your business upside down! I’ve seen it working many times with my own business and with hundreds of clients. That’s why helping creatives building a successful website is something I’m so deeply passionate about.

If you’re in the process of launching your new website or updating your existing one, this one is for you! Here are my 5 top blog posts to help you create a successful website with minimum effort. Try implement one or all these tips, and I promise you’ll start noticing your results sooner than you can even wish…

A list of blog posts and resources to help you create a successful website if you're an online entrepreneur...
01. Create the perfect homepage

Well, let’s start from the basics! Your homepage is the entrance of your online home. It’s the first impression you’ll make on your potential clients. Your best chance to keep them engaged and wanting to find out more about you and your services/products.

Yet the homepage can be easily neglected, or wrongly put together in favour of minimal designs and little to none engagement potential. Whether you’re trusting a web designer or building your website on your own, in this post you’ll find my complete blueprint for crafting the perfect homepage that always feels purposeful and strategic for supporting your business’ growth.

02. Create a strategic about page

Another website page that is just as fundamental but easily neglected? The About page. Yet it’s been proved that about 52% of users would search for your about page in the very first moment they land on your website. Not only your website should have an About page, but you should think of this page as one of the most strategic and rich of your entire web space. This blog post is one of my favorites to date, jam-packed with examples and creative ideas to create your perfect About page!

03. Brand your website template

Hear me on this one: focused branding and successful websites go hand in hand. Your website should be an extension of your branding, your clients should recognize (or get to know) your brand’s aesthetic through your online pages. Brand recognition often starts from websites, as they’re the first platforms where your ideal clients will find your logo and brand image in its fullness.

That’s why branding your web design is highly fundamental: every smallest detail should be infused of your brand’s essence. Whether you’re using a premade template or investing in a custom web design, I promise you’ll find a bunch of helpful and insightful tips in this post!

04. Improve your user experience

User experience is one of those topics creative entrepreneurs like to avoid. When in reality simply owning a website gives them a fundamental role in how their users navigate it. I like to talk about UX as the caring act of bringing your users on a journey. And it surely also is a fundamental decisions influencer for your potential clients. Go read this post and finally turn your website into a purposeful space for your people, never compromising on their experience with your brand any longer.

05. Avoid the most common website mistakes

Websites really are powerful allies for your business, but if not done well they can actually repell your ideal clients instead and completely ruin their experience with your brand. Which we don’t really want, right? In my entire career as a web designer I’ve seen a lot of most common website mistakes. The most fatal are deeply analyzed in this free mini course, providing solutions to easily fix them right here right now. No more excuses!

Now it’s your turn: create a successful website with purpose. You’ll quickly notice how your online home can really start moving the needle for your business, that’s a promise!

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