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Category: Web design

  • Avoid These 4 Fatal Website Mistakes

    The fact that in this internet era each and everyone seems to need a website, and, in addition, that getting…

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  • My Exact Guide To Branding Your Website Template

    If you know me and my approach to web design, you’ll know I’ve based my whole brand philosophy on custom-only…

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  • Top 3 Common Website Mistakes To Avoid

    I’ve been working at websites design full-time for the past 3 years, not to mention the many years of training…

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  • Website Refresh: 3 Tasks To Freshen Up Your Website For The New Year

    The start of a New Year is the time when we naturally tend to analyse, inspect, get organised and do…

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  • Anatomy Of The Perfect Homepage

    Being a brand and web designer who works at custom designs on a daily basis, it’s more often than not…

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