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Category: Freelancing Stories

  • Freelancing Stories: On Mothering And Freelancing with Theodora Gould

    Theodora is someone I’ve been following for a while, someone I always turn to for inspiration. She runs her own…

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  • Freelancing Stories: Visual Marketing For Online Businesses, with Valentina of Zucchero&Caffé

    I can’t help but feel extremely inspired whenever I spot a creative actually crafting a product with his own hands from…

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  • Freelancing Stories: Freelancing as a Jewellery Designer, With Jessi of Refined Bohemia

    I met jewellery designer Jessi from Refined Bohemia very randomly on Instagram last month. Ah the power of the internet and…

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  • Freelancing Stories: Find Your Path As a Freelancer, With Giulia Modena

    In this month’s installment of my Freelancing Stories blog series I’ve invited web communication and brand vision expert Giulia Modena to share…

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  • Freelancing Stories: Turn Your Hobby Into A Business, With Elena Cito

    For this month’s episode of Freelancing Stories, I’ve invited cake designer Elena Cito of Torte Coi Fiori to share her inspiring…

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  • Freelancing Stories: Giada, Brand And Web Designer

    On this blog I want to document my freelancing journey, share my process, the difficulties and the little victories. Offer…

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