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Category: Branding

  • Prepare your brand for 2022

    As we jump head first into Q1 of a fresh new year, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the…

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  • 3 First Steps To Create A Brand Identity

    You’re in the process of launching your new freelance business or creating a new brand. You’re aware of the importance…

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  • How To Build A Consistent Social Media Branding

    I see you struggling with your Instagram feed, always trying to make it look pretty and coordinated. Always wondering what…

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  • How To Pick Fonts For Your Logo And Brand

    Crafting a logo concept doesn’t just mean ideating the image that’ll represent your brand. But the process of concept creation…

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  • The Importance Of Color Psychology For Branding

    The brand design creation process always starts with colors. Colors are the first manifestation of your brand in visual form….

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  • How To Choose Brand Colors For Your Small Business

    A color palette is one of the first and most fundamental components of branding. Colors can help you connect with…

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  • How To Create A Brand Mood Board

    OK so – you’re just starting your branding journey and wonder where to even begin? I see you. You might…

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  • Spring-Clean Your Brand: The Ultimate Brand Refresh Checklist

    Comes Spring and we’re hit by an impellent urge of tidying up, organising, starting afresh on many different fronts of…

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  • Marketing Materials: Definition And Why Your Brand Needs Them

    Living in an era when the internet allows us all to create and launch brands, connect with our target audience…

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