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Category: Branding

  • How To Create A Brand Mood Board

    OK so – you’re just starting your branding journey and wonder where to even begin? I see you. You might…

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  • Spring-Clean Your Brand: The Ultimate Brand Refresh Checklist

    Comes Spring and we’re hit by an impellent urge of tidying up, organising, starting afresh on many different fronts of…

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  • Marketing Materials: Definition And Why Your Brand Needs Them

    Living in an era when the internet allows us all to create and launch brands, connect with our target audience…

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  • How to Brand Your Wedding Planner Business in 3 Steps

    In my entire career as a brand designer, I can affirm I’ve had the pleasure to work with a lot…

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  • Behind-the-scenes of my logo design process

    By working at direct contact with clients on a daily basis, interacting with them, learning how to speak the design…

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  • The 15 Essential Branding Terms Glossary

    I work with non-designer creatives, professionals and small business owners everyday, and I see their struggle when trying to keep…

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  • Branded visuals for service-based businesses

    When branding a business that sells physical products, you’ll create labels, packagings, cards and any other pieces of printed goods…

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  • How To Take Your Own Branded Photography

    With relaunching my business and website, I decided it was about time to think about rebranding. Once I had a…

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  • Hello & Welcome!

    Well, hello there! We’re so excited to welcome you all on your new website! We have worked at Miel Café…

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