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Portfolio: Branding for social media manager SoPress

29 December 2018 • Filed under Portfolio

You know I have a sweet spot for service-based businesses. They’re definitely trickier to design for, but they never fail to be a great, inspiring challenge! This time let me show you the behind-the-scenes of branding for social media manager SoPress – one of the latest projects I’m closing this year with. And, with a fun, colourful palette, a clean but creative style, beautiful patterns and illustrated elements, easily one of my top favourites as well!

Portfolio: Branding For Social Media Manager SoPress Final Brand Board - Miel Café Design


Before we even started working together, SoPress already existed as a brand and blog online. Alessia wasn’t sure about maintaining the name, which we ended up deciding was a good idea instead, but she knew it was time to up her branding game to get seen out there.

Her ideal clientele has an eye for details and needs her help to tell its brand’s stories through local custom, food and traditions. Or maybe even just by showing the creative process of an handmade produce. She was after clients that have real stories to tell, in fascinating ways.

When I asked her to list three adjectives that best described her brand, she replied:

  • Emphatic
  • Authentic
  • Ironic

So when building an inspiration board for the project, I focused on the small details, on uniqueness and particularity:

Portfolio: Branding For Social Media Manager SoPress Inspiration Board - Miel Café Design

I proposed a colorful palette with no neutrals but mainly pastels and bright shades. A palette that talked of creativity and a fresh approach, with a little help from a lovely apricot shade paired with light blue. But also a palette that made her brand look professional and trustworthy, thanks to the addition of dark blues.


When it came to branding for social media manager SoPress and deciding on a style to go for, we had no doubts! Her brand needed a clean, polished but creative look. I designed her brand icon, logo and illustrated elements always keeping these guidelines in mind.

I wanted her logo to have a brand icon people would immediately recognize. And since her brand is a mix of online communication and web writing, I tried and incoporated both concepts into one icon. The “book” standing for her writing, and the “balloon” standing for her communication skills, merged into one!

We loved the idea so much that we ended up deciding to showcase it into an actual seamless pattern, so that it’s always clear where her brand icon comes from:

Portfolio: Branding For Social Media Manager SoPress Branded Pattern - Miel Café DesignPortfolio: Branding For Social Media Manager SoPress Logo Design - Miel Café Design

From there I built the main logo design and designed some versatile variations and submark:

Portfolio: Branding For Social Media Manager SoPress Logo Variations - Miel Café Design

We added an illustrated touch with digital icons representing her main services categories: social media marketing and web writing. I paired some digital mediums (smartphone and laptop) to traditional mediums (printer and paper) to bring in her professional and organising skills thanks to the office-themed hints:

Portfolio: Branding For Social Media Manager SoPress Illustrated Elements Digital Icons - Miel Café Design


We then designed her website from scratch, always striving for a clean, creative and user-friendly look. I love the end result! We incorporated most of her branded elements into her website, which helps making it unique and professional. And I enjoyed playing around with different scrolling effects to make navigation interesting and interactive!

Portfolio: Branding For Social Media Manager SoPress Web Design - Miel Café Design

Go take a peek yourself >


Even when it was time to design some coordinated marking materials, we kept our focus in mind. We went for squared business cards, instead of a regular format, to add some quirkiness that would make them look even more unique. But not only that! We also created a set with many different front colours to make her cards versatile and fun!

Portfolio: Branding For Social Media Manager SoPress Squared Pattern Business Cards - Miel Café Design

And since Alessia focuses on social media and blog writing, we 100% needed some templates to help her blog and social media look spot on and always on brand! I designed three editable templates for her blog posts and social media, to share her new content with style.

Portfolio: Branding For Social Media Manager SoPress Social Media Branding Blog Posts Templates - Miel Café Design

As much as I love projects that involves more traditional mediums (like handwriting and good old pen illustrations), there’s something so refreshing in working at a clean, polished, modern brand. And branding for social media manager SoPress was no exception! I’m pretty chuffed with the end result – can you tell?!

We just recently launched her website and new brand, so make sure you go check her out and send her some love!


Loved the process behind this project? I’d love to work with YOU too: do you run a blog, website or small business? Do you need help with branding and finding a way to communicate with your dream clients? Get in touch today, I might have a couple of ideas on how we can work together already!

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Portfolio: Branding for social media manager SoPress

  • Alessia says:

    È stato un piacere lavorare con te e sono davvero soddisfatta del lavoro fatto, credo mi rispecchi molto. Il 2019 inizia all’insegna del cambiamento e mi vedrà sfoggiare con orgoglio questo nuovo look: grazie per la pazienza e l’impegno Giada!