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Avoid These 4 Fatal Website Mistakes

13 March 2020 • Filed under Web design

The fact that in this internet era each and everyone seems to need a website, and, in addition, that getting your web design and web contents professionally done is quite expensive, means most creatives and small businesses have tried DIY for their websites at least once in their life. As a result someone like me (a web designer), who’s seen a lot of websites in her whole existence, has also spotted quite a good bunch of fatal website mistakes along the way.

It’s understandle, it really is. Building websites is real pro stuff: it involves design, contents, SEO, strategy, accessibility, user experience. That’s a lot. And it can be overwhelming when it’s all on you.

You’ve been told having a website is fundamental (true) and will help you attract your ideal client (also true). You’ve been promised your website can do amazing things for your business while you sleep. Also, you’ve put many expectations on your website, hoping it could be the one thing moving the needle in your business.

But then you’ve found yourself with a web space that feels anonymous and impersonal. But worst, that isn’t up to your expectations and isn’t doing any good to your business. In the best circumstances it will be useless, in the worst it’ll actually harm your business.

Websites are powerful tools to help you get found online, but if not done well they can really ruin your client experience and repell your ideal clients instead, with experiencing issues like:

  • Not being able to immediately tell what you offer;
  • Feeling lost and disoriented and not being able to find what he/she needs;
  • Encountering issues and errors in the navigation;
  • Even doubting there’s a real person behind the website…

All of which can lead to the dreaded click on the “close tab” button.

That’s where I come in! I wanted to put my years-long experience in the web design field at your service and offer you a FREE mini course to teach you about the 4 most fatal website mistakes I’ve been encountering online and how to fix them.

Introducing 4 Fatal Website Mistakes mini course

4 Fatal Website Mistakes is a free 5 days email course covering topics like:

  • The one reason why no one is buying from your website
  • The biggest website mistake that might be driving clients away
  • That one time I wrote an About page about me
  • The #1 secret about user experience

And leaving you with actionable tips and advice to instantly take action and turn your website into a purposeful, strategic and functional place for your people.

Ready to start learning? Use the form below or subscribe here to enroll the course and get the first lesson in your inbox today!

I really hope you enjoy the content I’ve prepared and find it helpful to structure a website that feels like a welcoming home, rich in personality and purpose.

Learn about the most fatal website mistakes you might be making, and discover how to create a functional, strategic and accessible space for your people.
Learn about the most fatal website mistakes you might be making, and discover how to create a functional, strategic and accessible space for your people.

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