3 Ways to attract better-aligned clients online

07 January 2021 • Filed under Business

The internet world is just majestic. Being online is like having the opportunity to speak to the whole world at once. That’s why being on the interweb is now the #1 strategy for any business alive, small or big. Finding and attracting clients online should be easy right? In reality, with such high competition, it’s the biggest struggle of many online entrepreneurs… and maybe yours too!

Trying to speak to such an immense sea of possibility (the internet) can be rather stressful. You might expect to be listened by hundreds of hears, when in reality all you get is *crickets*. Or worst: bad clients and not much more.

During the last few years of working as a brand and web designer, I was proven right many times in believing branding has a lot to do with getting more and more focused clients, even more so if your business is online and exposed to such a great amount of chances.

3 blog posts and resources for online entrepreneurs to help you attract clients online in a heartfelt, purposeful and spontaneous way

During the years I’ve shared insightful tips and expert advice to use branding to attract a focused clientele online. Below are my top 3 blog posts and resources to help you attract clients online in a purposeful way! Here you go…

01. Find clarity and define your brand’s aesthetic with a mood board

Creating a mood board sounds such a simple task, you wouldn’t believe what a fundamental role it can have in attracting better-aligned clients online. But while the process itself can be quite intuitive (and even fun!), creating a mood board allows you to reflect on your vision, find clarity and define a focused aesthetic for your brand. Follow these easy steps and use my favorite resources to get started with your brand’s mood board today!

02. Launch successfully and purposefully

The more I am in business the more I come to terms with the fact launches won’t stop when you firstly brand your business or create a website. Launches will accompany you during the whole journey, several times a year. Each time you need to put a new product or service out there. Not to mention when you wish to create an offer or repurpose an existing one! Launching with purpose means launching successfully. This post shares the behind-the-scenes of one of my first launches and my very best tips to build hype around your next big news.

03. Let your clients be the ones who find you

OK, fine. Let’s end the myth as solopreneurs we should be constantly looking out for clients and actively proposing our work to people. We’re not sales promoters. Not even for our own businesses. In this free 5-days course I go much more into details of what identifying an ideal client and branding with it in mind means. As a result, you’ll walk away with the tools and strategies to finally do what you do best (aka: your work!) and let your clients be the ones who spontaneously find you instead.

Use these tips to finally start approaching marketing and branding with strategy and purpose. As simple as that: your magic formula to turn your marketing from stale to successful and finally attract clients online like a proper magnet!

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