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  • Christmas Marketing: How To Stay True To Your Brand

    The festive season is here, and whatever your field, I bet you’ve started publishing your festive content! What a joyful…

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  • How to attract high end clients through branding

    Whatever your field, if you’re running a small business for a while (or maybe you’ve just started but thinking big),…

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  • Time to rebrand? 4 signs it’s time to rebrand your small business

    Lately I’ve been noticing there’s a new trend in the small business world: rebranding frequently. Don’t get me wrong, rebranding…

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  • What to consider when hiring a web designer

    Hiring a web designer is something you’ll most likely deal with sooner or later as a small business owner. When…

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  • How to create powerful packaging design

    Creating a pleasant brand experience is highly fundamental when selling products. More often than not clients get to know a…

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  • How to create website tree structure and why it matters

    Whenever I start a new branding and web design project, one of the first things I do with my clients…

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