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  • How to create powerful packaging design

    Creating a pleasant brand experience is highly fundamental when selling products. More often than not clients get to know a…

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  • How to create website tree structure and why it matters

    Whenever I start a new branding and web design project, one of the first things I do with my clients…

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  • How to reduce bounce rate: proven ways to keep visitors on your website

    As small business owners and marketers of our own businesses, our number one goal is always finding new clients and…

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  • Best Books On Brand Identity For Small Businesses

    Maybe you’re planning to launch a new brand or to renew your existing small business and you wonder where to…

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  • Prepping your website for busy season

    Summer is a peak season for most businesses, from wedding professionals to real estate, travel and accommodation businesses. On a…

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  • 5 Unexpected Pages Every Website Should Have (that you might not know about)

    When creating a website, the first pages that come to mind are the most common: homepage, about page, contact page….

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