My how and why

Hello, there! My name is Giada Correale and I made of my passion for branding and web design my daily job. I study stories and dreams to handcraft authentic and always handmade logos, illustrated elements, web and print designs that tell your brilliant ideas with your own unique voice.

I’m passionate about web design ever since the early age of 14, and since then I studied coding and user experience as a self-taught. I say no to premade templates lacking of personality, providing designs that let your unique “something” shine between the rest instead.

I work at every project with the same passion as if it was my own brand, because I see your idea coming to life enthusiastically and make my own the goal of helping creatives, small business owners and bloggers find their own way on the web or in real life with designs that are not only beautiful but also efficient and jam-packed of their own personalities.

If we were at a café together, one of those independent coffee shops, in front of a warm cup of coffee (or even tea if you prefer), you’d hear me chat of a mix of these very personal preferences…

Tea or coffee?

I really can’t pick!

Perfect outfit

Shirt and jeans, all year long



Lifetime dream

Hay-day life

A destination

Beautiful Tuscany

Someday I want to

Write a book

Design, my biggest passion

It all makes sense: ever since I was a young girl I always excelled in art and drawing, plus my introvert and vigilant nature always pushed me to study, examine, create and invent. Developing designs and, simply, creating is my lifeblood; doing it with a personal unique story in mind is what makes of design my biggest passion!

Over the years


Nerd and never remunerated graphic designer of online forums

Uni student in crisis and lifestyle blogger



Proud (and slightly scared) founder of Miel Café Design


Full time designer +

Why Miel Café Design

I like to imagine my graphic studio as an intimate cosy café serving delicious pastries and ethical coffee, as a place where to share creative ideas, new business stories and brave different paths. The magical power of the internet allows us to meet even if we’re miles away from each other, but why not dreaming to be here and now, together, sharing our best ideas over coffee?